Book Review: Double Jeopardy by Sundari Venkatraman

Good day People !
Double Jeopardy by Sundari Venkatraman
Valentine Week has started. Got to know this year, there are days lined up before 14th Feb such as Love day, I love you Day, Propose Day,....

So what better way to get in the mood than to read the  Romance Novel Double Jeopardy  by The Indian Mills & Boon queen, proclaimed by me, my friend Sundari Venkatraman !

I have read multiple short stories by her, follow her blog posts ardently, chat almost daily with her, have read her novel The Malhotra Bride too. Reading all these and talking to her, I have given her the title of The Indian Mills & Boon queen ;)

So after months of pushing and controlling the temptation to read her new novel Double Jeopardy, I finished it today in flat 2 hours ! Ya, it was that hard to put down and patting myself for giving her the apt Title :D

The spoilt brat Sanya and her parents have shifted to London after spending her teenage years in India with the Sharma family and their twin boys Arth and Ansh. She has developed a crush for Arth in these years and comes to believe it is the love of her life. Arth is the gentle, caring, ever-protector for her from her tormentor Ansh who is the exact opposite of his twin. After growing up in London, partying seven days a week and finding no direction to her life of 23years, she gets a chance to visit the Sharmas. She takes up the opportunity to rekindle her love with Arth, but finds herself more attracted to the playful, charming Ansh. She is in a double fix now, thats the apt name for the novel: Double Jeopardy.

I am letting out only this much about the story. Read it yourself to get swept in the waves of blossoming romance and a superb twist in the tale.

Who will be the Man for Sanya? What is her purpose and vocation in life? Where does her Life take her from here?

What I liked:
The believable characters. Portrayal of scenes very imagination inducing, I can picture each scene after scene. Tight script. Moral based story. Happy Endings. Thorough research of topics. Different aspects of humans and relationships. Not shying away from depicting bold, real life truths. Perfect sensuous scenes ;)

What I want more:
More of the story obviously :D

Buy the book & read till the last letter!

You can buy DOUBLE JEOPARDY on these websites

Sundari Venkatraman

You can Stalk her @

I read it on my bus ride to work today & in lunch break on my phone. My shoulder and hands are aching from holding the phone tight and sliding page after page :p

After trying her hand at publishing books, she has taken her work online now. She will be publishing her works on Amazon now.
If you want more of her stories stay tuned for her new release on Amazon, The Malhotra Bride.

Waiting patiently for the new edition of The Malhotra Bride. Hope to review it soon too. Stay Tuned ! ;)

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