Incidents 3-Your take on this?

Hi Good day ppl ! :)
  Posting after a long time. Todays incident got me thinking & urged to post on the blog.
Today evening got out late from office @8:45pm. With the Mahim fair going on was trying to decide what route,transport to take. At the depot saw my usual bus arriving in, so climbed in, got a seat. But the conducter informed this bus wont go, the one standing behind will go. So all the passengers rushed to that bus. I went but it was too crowded so went back in the first bus. Near the ladies seat saw a plastic bag lying down.
 I just got out of the bus. I went & informed the conductor of the 2nd bus & a few ladies that someone had left a bag in the bus but they didnt pay any attendtion and the bus left. The driver,conductor of the 1st bus were standing outside, they informed me that the bus will leave in 5mins, I can sit inside. I told them I am not going to, coz there is an unattended plastic bag lying near the seat.

To which they quickly went inside to inspect, fearing it might be a bomb. But they found a pair of chappals & some clothes inside it. They said they will report & leave the bag at the last depot. The bus started, after a few stops a hassled lady got in & started angrily scolding the conductor for making the passengers leave the bus & then starting it in few mins. She had left her bag in the bus & now couldnt find it. She thought someone had taken her bag.
  The conductor calmed her down & explained how I had found & reported the bag to them. After that he returned the bag to her. She was almost tearry eyed, glad at finding her bag. She went on profusely thanking me & the conductor. It seems she didnt have enough money, had come to the Mahim church today being Wednesday, had bought her daughter a pair of chappals & was worried about her abusive husband always ready to start a quarrel with her. In that state of mind she had just rushed to the other bus leaving behind the bag. I told her I usually take the 7pm bus, but today after a long time took this late bus. She said it was God plan that she had the brainwave to get down from the other bus & wait for this one to arrive so she could search for her bag. She thanked god for sending an angel in disguise to save her hard earned money & her misfortune.
  We chatted a long time, she told me her family problems, her daughter who is a 12th pass is at home wants to study further but since they dont have money she cant. Also since her education is limited she is not getting a job & refuses to get married leaving her mother in this miserable situation with an alcoholic father.

The thing that got me thinking was -
She was asking me:

-where can her daughter get a decent job, she being 12th pass, having a little marketing & computer knowledge ?
-how she can study further without spending much money ?

 Any suggestions dear readers to this dilema? I have taken her phone number so if I think of a job oppurtunity or further education courses I will inform her.

If you can suggest something let me know.
Thank you in advance.

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Bye Tc.
May all you have lots of angels around you at all times & sometimes become Angels for someone else :)
Have a great week ahead !


  1. She can try for data entry operator or Telephone operator jobs. At the start she might not get good salary but slowly definitely it will increase and she can search more once in a flow. Don't know how much she has internet knowledge, but there are lot many jobs on internet for under graduates. found one here,

    or check here

    For free education I know one organization,
    One of my friend know about this organization, I asked her to mail me details. Will forward you the same once I receive it.

  2. Lovely post, Nilima. Very touching! I sincerely pray to God that everything will work out perfectly for the family :)
    Just as God brought you to her to save her that particular evening :D


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