Incidents 2-Your take on this?

Hi Good day Everyone!
How was the Long-extended celebration weekend? :) I had planned lot of things for this & it all worked out Just great. Did a lot of stuff which at end-of-day made me feel: Wow, I am Living Life to the fullest & helping/motivating others too to do the same. Fulfilling! :)

I came across 2 incidents which led me to spontaneously act. Dont want to brag, but want to know what do you do in such incidents?

I and my mom were passing a locality where we crossed a lady whose dupatta was literally sweeping the street & she had both her hands full with vegetable filled bags. I told her about the dupatta, but she said 'As you can see, I cant help it.'. I offered to help & placed her dupatta on her shoulders so that she could manage it till she got home.
Here the feeling to help & execution was instant. But also the point to note is the ability to ask or take help. Generally people just thank the person & dont take help when offered. Is that RIGHT to do all time?

Again mom & me were shopping in a vegetable market. Mom was busy buying the vegetables, I was observing people & the market scene. Just then a lady with slightly high heels carrying a 7-8month old baby walked by & her feet got entangled in a string. Crash she went flat on the street, baby,bags all flying & crashing on the street. I tried running & catching the baby but its head hit the concrete & it started wailing loudly. The lady must have hurt herself coz she couldn't get up for a few minutes. She had a few ladies with her who came to help, but even they were clueless about what to do. The lady got up, mom & me asked her to sit down, but she insisted she was fine & again wanted to carry the crying baby all by herself.

This is the opposite reaction to help I got. Sometimes when someone is offering help & advising, why not listen? It wouldn't hurt, instead it might help :)

Exciting, knowledge gaining,productive, intention fulfillment weekend it has been for me. What about you?

Would love to hear about your incidents too.

Waiting for your reaction/opinions/comments :)

Bye.Take care. Have a great week ahead!


  1. Hi
    good one as usual.
    I understand your urge to help. but do understand that we are living in a metropolis where most people don't know or trust their own neighbours. That's the reason the lady in the second incident probably refused your help. If you read the newspapers regularly, I am sure that you will understand her behaviour. Just be happy that the first one accepted. Look at it from the second woman's point of view: you are a stranger. what in case you were a kidnapper out to take her kid away from her for a ransom? ;) I think you should help when you are allowed and not take offense when you are refused. You have done your bit and feel good about it. :)

  2. hahaha Sundari, I never thought about the kidnapping angel ;). It may be a possibility.
    I am content helping whenever I can & giving people smiles,compliments,... whenever I feel it is needed & deserved.

    Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Hi,
    This a good topic to discuss.
    I think you should try to help people only if it asked for and always ask them if they need your help before acting. Like in the second incident, the lady was reluctant to take help. Some people are uncomfortable with taking help in public, esp. falling down or tripping over.
    I think you did a great job of helping from your side. And ya, do not expect the words,"Thank you" from anyyone you help.


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