Incidents-Your take on this?

Hi good day!

This week in the rush to reach on time for work + the road blocks due to construction of monorail, are getting me more late. Yesterday reached the fast train platform at a run.

Witnessed this incident & got me thinking was there any other way I should have reacted?

Read on & let me know:

Fortunately the train was still to come, but saw a train stop at the opposite platform. A boy of about 12-13 wearing a municipality school uniform & bag, with a bandage on his foot, jump out of the train on the tracks. He jumped the nala/drainage gutter, crossed the other tracks & tried to climb the high wall onto the platform I was standing & stand right in front of me inspecting his bandaged foot.

I scolded him for not using the foot-over bridge. Told him 'You are hurt & still you jump across tracks, why cant you use the bridge. Its dangerous.'.

To that he replied, 'No didi, I am not hurt & if I cross the bridge the TC will catch me'. He hurried away to the next platform.

I was speechless + shocked.

Felt like calling back the boy & handing him some money to buy a ticket.

But then today after seeing some boys wearing the similar municipality uniform selling books,stickers in the ladies compartment & thought this is their daily schedule & mode of working.

So sometimes you feel sorry for such people & try to help. But then soon you realize, they either dont feel gratitude or they swindle you making you feel worse.

What do you do in such situations?

Let me know.