Movie: Work+Extra=Service

Greetings ppl!
Do you love your job or do you love doing something more than expected in your job? If like me you do, this video from Simpletruths will make you feel really good. If not then this will help you love what you do & attain immense satisfaction :).

Watch the Video here: The Simple Truths of Service

I love helping people even if its not my job. Then it may showing someone how to clear your browser cookies, clearing your cache, explaining what a Browser is, just listening to them explain the problems they are having with their system(even though they are not designed by our team) & offering solutions, arranging activities or ordering food for the team, calling people who are on sick leave to check how they are doing, chatting with random people in the cafeteria about any topic,...

I exactly dont know how much that helps, but I feel lot more good & get the positive vibes back from these people.

After all if you give most of your time to your work place you would love to be surrounded by good, happy, healthy, motivated people.

I am sure you all do something extra in your job. Please share it with us. Its good to get ideas to feel good ;)

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Bye. Tc. Will you be a Johnny today? :)
Have a great productive, satisfying, happy week !!! ;)


  1. That's so true. Keep up the good work. This is a must read in these times of rushing around from one thing to the other. This is your 'seva'. why go somewhere else to do it? :D


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