Book:Goals...The 10 Rules for Achieving Success

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Remember my earlier post about Goal setting & Mind power?

Last post I was mentioning, intention fulfillment. I have managed to fulfill or more than 50%, 4 out of 20goals using these methods.

Read this short introduction to a book on Sale by Simpletruths & thought about sharing it with you.

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If you were to ask the experts to select the #1 key to success, most would say...clearly defined goals. Because without goals your dreams have no chance to become a reality.

Gary Ryan Blair is one of the nation's top authors on the topic of goals. For the last 20 years, his 14 books and training materials on goals have been used by more than 80,000 organizations and 4,000,000 employees world-wide. He teaches that your life will not go according to plan if you don't have a plan.

Our new book with Gary, Goals - The 10 Rules for Achieving Success, is one of the most important books we've published at Simple Truths. Why...because it is about one of the most important topics. It's loaded with nuggets of wisdom and "a-ha" moments that will bring the power of goals into focus; and it has the potential to change your life.

Today, I'd like to share Gary's introduction to Goals. Enjoy!

Excerpt from:
Goals...The 10 Rules for Achieving Success,
by Gary Ryan Blair

On everyone's short list of things to do during their lifetime are the accomplishment of worthy goals and the fulfillment of one's purpose.

Achieving a goal is like opening a combination lock. You need the correct numbers in the correct right, left, right sequence. There are thousands of possible combinations; and if you are aware of the settings but not the sequence, your efforts will prove futile.

The Ten Rules of Goal Setting is the combination that opens the lock of success. Each rule is one piece of the combination; each seamlessly integrates with the other nine; each one counts!

This book provides the goal setting information you need in a straightforward and systematic manner. You will be hard pressed to find a goal that does not require each of these ten rules.

Not all goals are equal, but all goals contain the same foundational elements. When it comes to setting goals, we often don't know what we don't know. And, what you don't know can - and most likely will - hurt you by limiting or compromising your success. Each rule calls for and requires know-how of multiple disciplines. No one is born with all the talents to achieve a goal - you learn as you go on the fly!

If I could carve ten rules for achieving a goal into the walls of your mind, they would be the ones contained in this book. The ten rules work because they are simple, and they are simple because they work.

Success, of course, is individual. Your definition of "the good life" may be very different from mine. Yet the underlying steps toward that end are the same. That similarity helps you to understand what success really is.

Success is the ability,
, to recognize opportunity;
second, to form plans and strategies that leverage opportunity; and,
, to develop the necessary skills needed to execute those strategies.
The ten rules, like anything else in life, operate best if they are self-enforced!

Success is beautiful because of how it looks to you, how it works, how it feels and how it represents the fulfillment of goals pursued.

Grow accustomed to prosperity and confident in the process of achieving a goal. Embrace these ten rules of goal setting and give witness to a powerful transition in your life.

And finally, my goal for this book is to you reach yours.
(Gary Ryan Blair)

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