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Hi good day ppl !
Happy Diwali (Belated) ;) !

How was the Diwali festival for you? For me awesome ! Lot of celebrations, socialising, give & take of gifts,greetings,..... Completed one goal & started working for 2more.

A month ago I attended the introduction seminar on Mind power by Dr. Sneh Desai. I liked the concepts & explained, so enrolled myself for the 2day session over the weekend. It was a great seminar. Explained some of the great concepts about Mind power.

The concept of the seminar was, we each of us are infinite beings, we have tremondous power within & can achieve/be/do whatever we want. But the one which can help us but 99% of the time which obstructs our success is our Mind. The culprit. So how to make the most of it. The concepts explained are given also in the 'The Secret'.

This is not about controlling the mind with chantings, meditation or other mind control techniques. Its about working with the mind, using its habits or changing them to achieve our goals.

The entire Universe works on 1 law: Law of attraction. Everything which comes to you is because you attract it. You think/feel about it & it comes to you. So you may say, I will attract all the good things to me. YES ! you can, but do you? Most of the time what we attract are negative things/situations/people.... So lets start attracting all the good things, shall we?

To practically do this we were asked to make a list of 30 things you want to do in this lifetime. List out all the things you have been meaning to do, put keep putting it off. It may even be a teeny-winny thing. The next step was to Visualise each of these goals in complete future tense. So if your goal is to buy a red Honda city car by 31st nov2009, visualise yourself driving out of the Showroom with your family in that red Honda city car on 31st Nov2009 shouting Hooray. :D

Its a great project to do. I have a managed to list down 20to-do-activities mostly for now to next 4-5years. They include buying family car by oct2009 end, learning tai-chi, basic giutar,2 & 4wheeler driving perfectly, good cooking skills ;) , going for parasailing,paragliding,skydiving, Money & investment related,...... & on & on. Have booked our family car last weekend. So 1goal achieved. The same weekend attended the trail session for Tai-chi joining it next weekend. Enquired for guitar classes on a family friends suggestion, checking few more institutes/places/people to train me with lot of patience :p. Other goals are in the works by phsycially working & visualising every morning.

These same activities we have done through our spiritual healing & meditation practises. Even experimented & come up with our own methods of doing the same things. So the session was exciting for me, was always waiting for whats next. We were taught a lot of things in the 2days session. The more important part was, it was not just theory, they got the exercises done from us there itself so we come to know how beneficial it really is. I was putting off making this list of to-do-things since 3-4years when my meditation teacher told us about it. Now that I have made it, will finish it off !!! Pray/intend/visualise/... for me that I achieve each of my goal. Thanks in advance ;).

I am thoroughly enjoying everyday since then. Once in a while tend to forget, but then start again where I left off. Had sort of forgotten about Enjoying Life, now its back to knowing there life outside of Work place too :D ;).

I have already attended his seminar on Dynamic Yoga. Read the blog post: http://nav-justanyrandomtopic.blogspot.com/2009/08/dynamic-yoga.html

Do try out the Goal setting exercise & let me know how it goes.

Will be adding a Simple Truth story on the same concept. Bye.tc


  1. Kudos!
    I very well understand what you are talking about. Way to go Nilima!


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