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Hi good day ppl !

When was the last time you practised yoga or any of its asans? I guess, when we were in school, right? :)

Now we just keep saying ,'In school, we could touch our forehead to our knees, or sit in vajrasan, bend backwards & touch our head to the ground,...' now nothing of this sort is possible. Now even sitting cross-legged (or palthi/palati/mandi ghalun) for more than 5mins is pain inducing.

The 4day morning sessions I attended for Dynamic yoga last week were nothing related to changing postures or any physical exercise, yet give the same effective results if practised regurlarly & much more.

They were conducted by Dr. Sneh Desai & his group at Fine Arts auditorium from 4th-7th Aug everyday from 6-8:30am. More about the speaker:

He is one of the youngest speaker in the world. He has been teaching since 11 years. He conducts many more courses. He has studied many more techniques from Astrology, Vastu shastra, Reiki, Hypnosis,.... Read more about him : http://www.snehhouse.com/

Now you would say, We have heard many such courses & sessions, all are the same. They teach you mantras & aasans & say they will give you great results!

So would I ! But we are not the ones to go for any & every such session, coz may it be Yoga, meditation, healing or any other technique, We have learnt the basic steps of all these techiniques from one of the best teachers & practised them diligently.

These sessions were totally scientific based & insync with our modern life requirements.
The sessions were divided into 2parts: Dynamic yoga & the Universal laws of Life.

In the first part we are taught 7breathing exercises +1technique called as ATR & 1 more technique called as Yog nindra.

The second part explains The Universal Laws of Life.

The first part is totally of 15minutes & if practised daily will give you the same effect as a 1hour session of meditation or yoga would give you.

The second part shows how the Universe/Nature/God/Energy has created us & wants us to live harmoniously. The laws of Life are explained here & thier logical reasonings. There are motivational quotes given out to you, music slots which rejuvinate you & aspire you to reach greater heights.

We are taught along with Laws of Life:
Law of Money
Law of Relationships
Law of Attraction

& much more as once can grasp or take from these sessions.

This 4day session is just a trailer to their Mind Power course they conduct. Its a 2day course & is usually conducted over the weekends & is almost everytime house full & very expensive too. So when these 4day free sessions happen, people just queue from far away & many are forced to go back if they cant be fit in the auditorium/ground/hall wherever they are conducted.

It was a truly energizing session. Unfortunately couldnt attend the 3rd day, but guess didnt miss much coz they showed clippings from 'The Secret' & explained the Law of Attraction, which I have watched multiple times & try to practise everday ;).

On the 4th day you are given the CD of the teaching of the 4days, so that you can practise it at home too. All of this is totally FREE OF COST, there is no *Conditions apply anywhere.

Please do attend any of their future sessions if you can when they are conducted around you.

I am practising each day what was taught & feeling Good ! :)

One quote which was mentioned everyday before the Universal Laws of Life part was started was, its a beautiful & deep one, read it & repeat it slowly:

The Universe says to Man:
Tu Karta Hai vo Jo Tu Chahta hai,
Lekin Hota hai vahi Jo Main Chahta Hon.

To fir tu karna shuru kar vo jo mei chahata hu,
Aur hoga vo to Tu Chahta Hai!

Try it yourself if you can get the CD from someone who has already done it.

Till then Bye.Take care.

P.S : Thank you my friend, who introduced me to this session & for waking me up every morning ;)


  1. you are going to teach me, right? :)
    lovely piece
    I will take personal credit for making you more active in your blog. hehe


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