Mumbai-No TV day-Heritage Walk in an open Bus!

Hi good day ppl !
The HT-Mumbai No TV day, 29th Jan 2011 day long event was quite a success. Check my short post of the day at : Mumbai-NO TV DAY-29th Jan 2011

This post is about the Heritage walk I took around South Mumbai in an open-bus.

Check the collage I created of all the pics.

Our open-bus ride

Check out the star locations around south mumbai.

The Jehangir Art Gallery,Mumbai's most famous art gallery & tourist attraction. It was founded by Sir Cowasji Jehangir, in 1952. It has 4exhibition halls & entry is free.

The David Sasoon Library. Its a beautiful, calm place for book lovers. I am fascinated by it always. Check below for more pics of its interiors.

The department of Archives. Dont know whats it exactly for, but loved the structure. Check out the balcony at the top.

The Prince of Wales Museum. Not a clear shot. Its now called Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya.

The Mumbai police headquarters.

The Regal Theatre, one of the oldest theatre in Mumbai.

The Mumbai University building, the first University of India.

The Oval Maidan(ground) called so because of its shape.

The Mantralay administrative headquarters of the state government of Maharashtra

The Inox theatre.

The NCPA apartments houses the costliest apartments in Mumbai or rather India, starting from 7crores. The NCPA is National Centre for the Performing Arts was started by the Tata trust.

The Oberoi & Trident hotels facing the sea face.

The Air-India building, headquarters for Air India Airlines. The laser shows are hosted from this building.

The Worli sea face or Queens necklace. A beautiful place for sightseeing, lovers, joggers, dog walkers, mumbai marathons,...

The tanga wala, a gr8 ride around this area. Try it once in a lifetime.

The hotel Marine Plaza. The waiters were glad to wave at us from the terrace :)

The Ambassador Hotel. The restaurant floor rotates 360degrees. So our guide jokingly explained to the kids- if you are having tea you will be facing Marine lines, by the time you finish your tea you will be facing CST. lol :D The kids stared open-mouthed at the guide & then the restaurant.

The Wankhede stadium, the World cup matches this year will be hosted here. Its under renovation now.

The Hutatma Chowk. This chowk is in remembrance of the 105 silent protectors who lost their lives when gun fire was opened on them, for their protest for a separate State of Maharashtra. I came to know about this last year on 1st May 2010, which is celebrated as Maharashtra day

The Bombay Stock Exchange & the Dalal street. Where the money of Mumbai flows ;) & also one of the spots for bomb blast of 1993.

The office of Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) or the Central Telegraph Office.

The Fashion street, aptly named coz you can buy fancy stuff for cheap prices here.

The Eros Theatre, also one of the oldest theatre of Mumbai.

The Naval Dockyard gate. This gate hosts the Indian Navy & many powerful ships like the Vikrant,... of the Indian Navy. There are many such gates: Lion,Cheetah,Elephant,.. gate.

Its boundary is beautifully painted.

One of the oldest surviving wall of Mumbai holding the most powerful naval ships of India.

The Customs Office.

The Asiatic Society of Mumbai, a learned society in the field of Asian studies, is based in Mumbai, India, was completed until the year 1830.The library of the Society has over a hundred thousand books out of which 15,000 are classified as rare and valuable. It also has priceless artifacts and over 3,000 ancient manuscripts in Persian, Sanskrit and Prakrit, mostly on paper but some on palm leaf. The numismatic collection of 11,829 coins includes a gold coin of Kumaragupta I, a rare gold mohur of Akbar and coins issued by Shivaji. Its map collection comprises 1300 maps.

The old RBI-Reserve Bank of India.

The new RBI-Reserve Bank of India, is the central banking system of India and controls the monetary policy of the rupee as well as US$. The institution was established on 1 April 1935 during the British Raj in accordance with the provisions of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 and plays an important part in the development strategy of the government.

The General Post Office, Mumbai is the central post office of the city of Mumbai, India. The post-office handles most of the city's inbound and outbound mail and parcels. Its construction was completed in 13 March 1913, it has an area of 120000sq.feet & replaced the Current Telegraph Office office at Flora Fountain.

VT-Victoria Terminus now called the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus. The biggest railway terminal of India which handles local as well long-distance trains. Around 70000 people use the railways of Mumbai everyday.

Victoria Terminus, now called Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus. The busiest railway station of India.

The Oriental building. Dont know its importance, but loved it anyways ;)

A blurred pic of the Mumbai Central, from where the long distance trains around India start.

The Sasoon Library from inside. A Beautiful, calm, cool place to be.

David Sasoon himself.
The David Sassoon Library is the name of a famous library and heritage structure in Mumbai, India,completed in 1870.The birth of this library is attributed to a few young mechanics working in the Royal Mint and the Bombay Dockyard in 1847. They formed a study group to share and promote knowledge.Their objectives at that time were to set up a library and a museum of mechanical models and architectural designs, as well as to organise lectures and discussions on science and technology, thus was born the Sassoon Mechanics Institute.Albert Sassoon, the son of David Sassoon, the famous Jew philanthropist of Baghdad, helped realize the dreams of these youngsters.

Army and Navy Building Mumbai, now houses many commercial shops & offices.

The Churchgate Station another important station of Mumbai. This is the first station on the Western Railway of Mumbai.

Have you observed this at Churchgate Station. The name Morarji Desai caught my attention & I went over & checked these plaques. Thank god, they are still intact. It says the foundation stone was laid on 31st October 1956 but the original was built in 1870!!!

The Churgate station head offices are hosted here.

I can think of lot more places & pics of places around this same area like: Flora fountain, the Marin Drive, Elphinstone college, Azad maidan,...
But will post them in the next post.

Else it will be an information oveload.

Hope you enjoyed this visual tour like I did.

Let us know your comments.
Bye.Tc. Mumbai meri jaan ;)


  1. Hey, really enjoyed the virtual trip. This is almost similar to the one I had. :) I did not take pics as I had no clue that I had a night mode click on my cam. Looking back, I was glad at that point as I would have concentrated more on the camera than on the tour. We could not see the Asiatic Steps properly as a show was going on just then as part of the Kala Ghoda fest.
    I want to mention that I have been to dinner at that revolving restaurant years ago. It was a super experience. :D

  2. Hey... Its a wonderful collection... And inspired by it, I want to take it this year on No TV Day...The timing given is 11 am. But its on first come first serve basis, so what time do u suggest I should be there so I dont miss the tour???

  3. Hi Anonymous,
    For the open air bus ride you have to be there & stand in queue. There are 2-3buses which load people,make the tour & come back to take in new people for the tour. So whenever your turn comes you get the ride & tour. So you can go anytime after 11am, I guess it ends around 6 or sometime before sunset.

    Enjoy the No TV Day ! Have a gr8 heritage bus ride. :)


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