Whats That Pic!

Hi Good day ppl !
Check the following pic. Gets you laughing :D :D.

Saw this on the inner roof of the auto-rickshaw I took to reach Maharashtra Nature Park.

What creativity!!!

Ill add many more pics which get you thinking/laughing/sad,...

Keep checking for more such posts.

Heart crossed by Arrow seeming Tubelight :D.

Guess to help people blind in love to see better ;)

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  1. hmm..dont think to help people blind in love...
    Its for people lost in love and cant find a way/path/solution..unko andhere se ujale ke taraf le jane ke liye....now thats a big lol [ patting myself on the back!! :D]
    keep adding more such pics..

  2. Is this inside a rickshaw????

  3. Yes Reuben, this is the ceiling of an auto rickshaw :D


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