Event: Poetry Tuesday, Thane at Cafe Verve

Good day people !
Didnt I tell you Thane is becoming one of the Happening places ;)

So recently I was introduced by my Poet+Author friend to the concept of Poetry Tuesday(PT) happening in Thane since 5years. It happens on first Tuesday of each month, currently in Cafe Verve, opp Talaopali and very near Thane station west side. Its an initiative by MaxMeet Social.
Best part Entry is Free and anyone can join.

So last month I decided to join my friend. Like all poetry sessions, this starts at around 8pm and goes on till 11pm or till Cafe Verve doesnt shut down :) Btw Cafe Verve is an awesome cool Cafe, lovely quite place, good range of coffee/tea/snacks/drinks,... a superb place for meetup, chill or work.

This was their 58th PT and also anniversary celebrating 5years completion. The entire show is organised and anchored by Anish Vyavahare and his team. They decide a theme each for each Poetry Tuesday. For this it was 'Night time' and you recite your poem on the Theme. The best part each Poet or Poetess gets a chance to recite their verses.

I like many of them was part of the audience, loved every minute of the session and was till the end. Listening to so many young and young at heart recite some lovely rhyming verses, I would have too penned down a line or two ;)

Snapping your fingers in repetition is a way of applauding without interrupting the Poem, I got to know here.

Since this being their anniversary they had a lot of announcements to make. They are going Big now. Making a website, publishing an illustrated anthology of poems from their poets, starting PT Special which will exclusively feature a few of their best Poet or Poetess.
Crowd for Poetry Tuesday 58, Cafe Verve, Thane

The next is happening tomorrow on 5th July 2016 and its Theme is 'Close quarters in the Rain'.
Check out their FB event: Poetry Tuesday 59 - Close Quarters in the Rains!

Join in even if you cant string two rhyming sentences together like me.

I hope to join in as many times as possible for PTs and their other activities.

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Until next time Bye and Take Care !


  1. Hey, I had missed this post earlier. Thank you so much for this!

    1. You & PT are welcome, Anish :) My pleasure. Hope you do 100s of more PTs & PT Specials. Glad to spread the word.

  2. I'm glad you like PT. And thanks for the post Nilima.

  3. I just heard About PT today :)
    My friend told me.
    I am waiting to attend the Pt.
    Very soon

    1. Thank you Lakshmi for the comment.
      Yes, please do attend atleast one. Its a gr8 session.


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