Kid Attraction: The Riot Room, Thane India's Largest Indoor Soft Play Area

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I have a restless toddler who left alone will either disassemble something or be stuck to the TV. I encourage more of physical and outdoor play. So I am always looking for activities he would love to do and get some kid company too.

 I had heard a lot about The Riot Room and that too in THANE !

Check or
A2, Kothari Warehouse No. 3,
Near Laxmi Snacks,
Opp. Happy Valley, Tikuji Ni Wadi Road,
Manpada, Thane (W),
MH 400607

Contact no: 022-2589 5930 / 9987397186

The first time I went to The Riot Room to inquire about a class conducted there, my son went crazy and I was awe struck with the cheerful look of the space.
The class was cancelled so I ended up chatting with a fellow mommy while both our sons went berserk inside the Play-area :)  It being padded, kid friendly, lot of staff to monitor and help kids... we both mommies relaxed watching our kids from the adjoining sitting area for parents.

Next time I was enthusiastic when our Mommy group JAMMs conducted a  JAMMs Thane meet up and Play-date at The Riot Room. We were there for more than 2hrs and my son now knew the place in & out. The owner Hardika Lakhani, encouraged us mommies to join the kids inside the Play-area. With Socks ON, as we entered the Play-area my son whooped in joy, excitedly showing me all the places, nooks and corners and his favorite parts of the Huge Play-area.

The third time I went equipped to spend a full hour with my son and camera.

The end result is this Visual tour I had fun compiling. I will list out the points I liked and from the talks with the friendly mommy owner of The Riot Room. Hope the pictures tempt you to give TRR at least visit. I am sure you will keep going back.

The entire purpose of The Riot Room is FREE PLAY. The Riot Room gives the space, security, opportunity to let kids enjoy, indulge, explore themselves exploring the different sections of the Play area. The kids interact with other kids, get to know their own strong + weak areas and how to overcome them, take decisions,...

Once you enter The Riot Room, you can see the bright, cheerful look of the place. You remove your shoes, go to the Registration counter, fill out the form, wear your socks and play to your hearts content.
At the registration counter you will be charged on per hour bases. Socks are compulsory for kids and adults entering the playarea. You can buy the socks if you dont have them.
The age group allowed for kids is 1-12years. There is a separate Toddler Area where younger kids can have fun. Believe me its fun & my son spends half the time there.

There is a sitting area for parents where you can order some delicious snacks and drinks.
But by experience I would suggest you wear your socks and go join your kids for half the time there. Believe me, you will enjoy it and your kids will Love to have mommy-papa to explore with them.

This can be easily India's Largest Indoor Soft Play Area. I love the fact that its
  • Huge 5500sq ft. Beat that
  • Is open 7 days a week from 12 pm -8 pm.
  • Has different sections inside the playarea
  • Safety even in design is topmost priority
  • Is hygienic coz I have seen them clean the entire playarea everyday
  • The stuff the area is made off is toxin free so don't worry if your crawler licks or bites into the mesh/balls/ropes
  • The staff is plenty + friendly and keeps an eye on your kids
  • Parents are encouraged to join. Have heard of grandparents becoming kids once inside :)
  • Socks compulsory rule applies to everyone...Its for your own and others kids+adults hygiene, safety
  • No photography and Food allowed inside the Playarea.(I took special permission as a blogger to shoot) I am thankful for that Rule, coz I am guilty too, asking for the kids to pose or distracting them in their activities with our click-happy mentality.
  • The pantry serves fresh, hot, yummy food....  I end up packing 1 pizza home every time
  • The washrooms are clean...From personal experience they have comfortable potty seats, extra slippers to wear, baby diaper changing table,... what else can you ask for
  • The Cost per 1 hour equals 1 movie ticket in a I would rather come here and have a ball ;) There are offers going on, memberships,... Read till end to know an Offer.
  • They arrange some super cool Birthday parties and events here. So if that thought has crossed your mind of getting more friends here, they have some lovely packages to offer. Check their website:  or ask at Registration desk.
  • Give your email id when filling the form, they will send you update of offers and other activities conducted there.
Lets check out the Playarea...Still I havent photographed each sq ft of the Playarea ;)
There are I guess 3 levels inside the Playarea. Bet, if you can find the easiest way to the top :D

The kids have to use their brains and hand-eye-feet coordination everywhere in the Playarea.
All senses alert!

I call it the Obstacle course.

Loved the way they have designed the entire area. Sometimes you will jumping on tree stumps, climbing steep & curvy steps, rolling over, punching the different cute punching bags, go past swiveling doors, crawl through tunnels, slide on slides, jump into ball pools, blast some balls at imaginary enemies, ....

Loved these cute punching bags
These cute bags are hung at strategic locations I guess to stop kids from running in between corridors. There are these cute curtains everywhere separating tiny cubicles with a theme each.

They have a huge bouncy Trampoline. Adults can use it too, but only if you ask the staff and there are no kids on it.
Maze or Bhulbhulaya type of alleys. Rock climbing section, tunnels, climbing ladders,... everything which will sweetly exhaust you and your kids :)

40ft Slide ! Lets go !

The Main attraction is the 40ft Slide. I loved the Owl themed rock climbing besides it. My son will take a different route each time we aimed to climb and come down the slide. Finally up the slide and it was a whizzzz fun to slide down this curvy slide... Dont worry the entire area is thickly padded and your kid will be safe & on its feet once down the slide. Also 1 staff member is always at the top and bottom of the slide to keep a watch.

Ball play
Kids love ball pools and here they have 2 of them. One for toddlers complete with ball pool at end of the slide so that the kids slide and jump into the pools. The other is in the main Playarea. They have some bouncy balls on the upper section. The Ball Blaster is another attraction for kids. My son is there max time and I keep asking the staff where he is, to be told shooting Balls :p.

You will immediately see the efforts put in making this place, by all the little details which will fascinate kids and parents alike. There are cute quotes on the walls. My sons favorite are the hanging helicopter, submarine models and the wall mounted games in the Toddler Area.

The Birthday parties here are a Hit. From the Theme, to the food to the games organised, the decorations,... Something different always. The Riot Room team will take care of everything for you, when you book a party with them.

So the Ongoing offer at The Riot Room:

Take a selfie with your kid(s) on the TRR Throne. Give a review on the The Riot Room Facebook page and get additional 30mins Free :)

Give us feedback about what you liked about The Riot Room soon :)

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Until next time Bye. Take care. Have a great weekend ahead.