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Yes, we keep returning after long gaps but we do return, dont we? ;) So after all the Diwali, Alibaug Vacation, winter weddings,...I was thinking of getting back to some kind of routine & upgrading my skill sets as a Software Engineer. I am not a big fan of Java, .Net frankly speaking. I have these mental block which makes me balk at the idea of learning new coding languages.

My sister sent me links to few software meetups, sessions happening on Saturday-Sunday. I have been to Barcamp, GoogleIndia event. These are fun, interesting, give you an idea of the new happenings in the world of technology.

CodeJugalbandi, the name caught my interest, me being a music lover & coder. Read a little about it. The location being Mulund( at The Playce) and it being on a Sunday, got me to register for the event. It is a free event and happening for the first time in Mumbai.

CodeJugalbandi, is a unique session where Jugalbandists-experts conducting the session will propose problems and try to solve them using different instruments-coding languages in this case.

This session was conducted by Dhaval Dalal and Nitish Rathi. We had 15 participants. We began the session at 10am. Dhaval & Nitish started off the session by explaining that Always go beyond syntax, semantics is the base. You can be an polyglot if you understand and follow this. Till late, the industry moved towards object oriented programming, now slowly its changing course towards Functional programming. Functional programming was the main highlight of this session.

Dhaval and Nitish, our Jugalbandists
The session had different Melodies. Each melody is a concept which is explained, demonstrated in different languages and a problem given to the participants.

Serious coding happening, experiments conducted with languages
We had made a list of the languages the participants used to code. Since many of us didn't carry our laptops, we were asked to group up with people using a language we haven't used. This made all of us to know others in the session better plus code in a language new to us.

Some code in Java, Ruby, Javascript

Python, C, C#
We solved 2 melodies. There are many more interesting melodies, you can check them out at codejugalbandi.org. It was an intense coding session, a first for me. Everyone was engrossed in understanding the melody and trying to see if they could use or solve the problem in their favourite or entirely new language.

Discussions, opinions

Lot of discussions, new insights, different aspects came to light. We had a lunch break at 1:30pm to fill  our plates with pizzas and have some more discussions, getting to know more people.

We concluded the session by each of sharing what we liked, what surprised us, what we would do differently now that we have a new understanding.

Unanimously it was decided we need more of these CodeJugalbandi sessions. Functional programming needs to be promoted. The word needs to be spread, so use #CodeJugalbandi @CodeJugalbandi on Twitter, Facebook,... Sponsors needed to conduct these sessions.

What I liked about this session:
-It was totally informal. Small in size(was planning on leaving seeing the number of people).
-Everything was explained in simple terms, no rocket science stuff here. So beginners like my college going sister could follow it.
-The Jugalbandists took efforts to make sure everyone was on the same page. In some other sessions, everything is explained in complex manner and they dont bother if you follow, making you feel dumb.
-You actual network with people when solving the melodies. Everyone is happy to help and explain the new language. So there is a mutual give & take of knowledge happening.
-You get motivated to try new stuff. Get a new perspective for handling problems, new ways to use logic.

What I learned from this session:
-One language wont suffice. Need to learn, play around with new languages.
-Syntax shouldnt stop you.
-Object oriented isnt so bad after all ;)
-There is soo much more to know in coding! Roll up your sleeves and go play!

So if you are into software learning, I would recommend you follow up for more upcoming sessions. Its a great way to learn & network.

Bye. Take care until next time.
Have a fantastic week !


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