Travel: Alibaug,Kihim beach stay at Mango Beach house

Hello people,
After a looong time we are back. Ganpati, Diwali festivities left us tired. So we went for a short 2day vacation to Alibaug. We were 3couples with my 1.5year old kiddo. So we were looking for someplace with proximity to the beach, away from crowds, food on call, a place to just chill no sight seeing, roaming around. So we shortlisted Alibaug, Kihim beach. My hubby's favourite website for hotel bookings: showed us this homestay called The Mango Beach house. It is a part of a group of Hotels. Tripadvisor gave good reviews.

It is in the interior of Alibaug & the drive goes on & on through small dirt roads. So you can be confused if you are lost or will ever see the hotel. But thankfully you see it, a gate among fields and village houses.

The Main Attraction for us:
1) The beach was 5mins walking distance from the hotel
2) There was indoor swimming pool & bar.
3) Their spa was well recommended for.

What I loved more about the hotel:
1) Free Wifi available only around the pool, so no cooping in your room & working !
2) There were no phones, so if you need something get yourself out of the room or use your mobile phone.
3) There wasn't a Watch in sight, so just chill and stop thinking about time, work, tasks.

Entrance to Mango Beach House
It is a warm, cozy, peaceful place. Its surrounded by Mango (that's where it gets it name from) and coconut trees.  The staff limited and friendly. Out to help you as much as they can.

The dining cum Reception area
Totally it has 8 rooms and 2 suites. We had booked 3 double room with full board that is all meals and boarding. Since my family was not keen on roaming around we just chilled around the hotel.

The rooms around the dining area

The rooms around the pool

The pool and bar.

The spa building
The spa therapies were truly relaxing & rejuvenating. One by one all the family members got at least one massage done.

The website says its design and layout is of Mediterranean style and with minimal changes to existing structures and trees. We liked it, spartan and clean. Good for our kid to run around with hurting himself or damaging something.
A small porch for all rooms with these huge chairs
A clean, cozy room
The rooms are spacious, well ventilated. They make you feel at home instead of being over the top types.
Open bathrooms
The bathrooms are superb, Huge, those old British colonial style fittings, airy & lots of sunlight.

A just vacated suite. Just a bigger room
And private balcony
The food was lovely for vegetarians too, if you think it being a coastal village will only have fish & non veg food. The kitchen staff tried very hard to make the food compatible for all. There was: us 6 1/2 and another family of 4. We had a kid and an American guest, but we shouldn't have worried coz the chef made the food mildly spicy and tasty. Also they made lovely snacks for us in the evening to enjoy besides the pool with drinks. Me being a chai person loved their morning and evening chai's. Our American guest enjoyed the pastas we ordered and their biryani, pav bhaji and some delicious desserts.
Those lounge chairs were superb to recline on, listening to the birds and water. 
Some recreational game of pool
A swing set and hammock to laze around

There were a couple of wells around this property. This one had a family of turtles, not seen in this pic
Our family chilling at the bar in the evening.
The dinning area. Everything bathed in warm colours to give a Mango & cheerful feel
The friendly staff and my kiddo who loved their food, so he is out checking if dinner is served
Bright lights around, so neednt worry if you are scared of creepy crawlies

We had checked the beach the day we came. You just step out of the back gate of the hotel cross a couple of houses, follow your ears and a dirt road, whola you are on the beach.

On the last day, I got up at 6am to catch the sunrise and some photography of the place.
As promised 5mins to the beach
Kihim beach nothing else
I was late, the sun already up & shining
Sand/Wave roots? Work of waves on sand
On my way back, took a different route deeper into the village.
Old village setting
Reminds me of our house at my native place
The hotel is converting such old houses around the property into rooms
-Lots of mosquitoes, the place is surrounded by trees. The hotel staff takes efforts to put mosquito coils wherever possible, but do use Odomos or a repellent
-Take your own vehicle. If you have a driver, dont worry he will be well taken care by the hotel staff.
-If you want to go sightseeing, be prepared to travel. There is nothing around Kihim. The hotel gives a brochure with all the things you can do in Alibaug, but they are all far from Kihim beach.

So in all 2 nights, 3days flew by beautifully. We loved everything about the place.
Hope to do more such getaways to recharge ourselves. Hope you try The Mango Beach House soon.

Let us know your vacation stories.

Bye. Take care until next time.


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