Travel-Sailing at Sea, 26 Jan 2012

Hi Good day ppl !

I went Sailing for the second time last weekend & since then have been asked about it multiple times.
So to give a brief idea & contact details to actually go Sailing, here is the post.
Sailing is for:
-People who love the sea or being around water bodies.
-Enthu about doing a different activity for 2-3hours.
-Want to spend quality,peaceful time.

I went Sailing for the first time in April 2010. Check the blog post : Sailing at Gateway of India! with AquasailIndia.
This time too booked a deal. But the session was organised by Mithu

A great person,enterpreneur spirit, good sailor, good trainer. Contact him to enjoy a session & I am sure you wont stop at 1session. You can do sailing sessions, learn & train in sailing, organise sailing parties.

Check the Activities-to-do list for other activities too.

After many cancellations, rescheduling I went with 3friend for a 2hours of superb sailing. We started from H20 at Marine drives. Sailed into the sea with a cool breeze blowing our sails high it was cool,fun, peaceful trip. If I could do this everyday, I would take a book,music,something to munch along :D

With good weather, great friends, time to enjoy, nice activity to do, a good sailor with you, laughter aplenty,... it was a memorable time :) Glad my friends loved it too !

Thats our Sailboat with the sails down. It was being inspected by the Sea gulls & they made sure we had a lot of  'good luck' for the session.

Our Sail boat with the sails up now. We were briefed about the Sailing technicalities, little training we got in helping Mithu steer the boat.

Lovely weather for Sailing. It was 2-3pm, but coz of the cool breeze we didnt feel at all hot.

Thats the mast without the sails up.

In the distance another sailboat.

This time we started from H2O at Marine lines.
Would love to learn Sailing. Will update you all about that when I do. Till then go for 1session to try it.

Contact Mithu, he will surely help you have a great sailing session.
Till then update on more fun activities & your sailing experience.

Bye. Tc. Have a great week ahead ! :)


  1. sounds superb! and the pictures are lovely. Well, this is the closest I have come to sailing

    That is, besides the boat rides from Gateway of India. Would love to do it if and when I lose some weight. Otherwise, feel scared that I will lose balance ;)

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