Festival: Happy Diwali 2010

Hi Happy Diwali ppl !
May you have a Prosperous Diwali.

Rangoli's to welcome everyone on this auspicious event.

Sorry no fire crackers this year. Also was glad to see most of youngsters,kids going around to visit each other instead of bursting crackers. Guess the noise & air pollution levels must be an all time low this year.

Have a great year around. Hope to see more of you around :)

Festival: Pre Diwali 2010

Event: Mumbai's Biggest Diwali Party 2010

Bye. Tc.


  1. Hi nice Rangoli. Wish you a Happy Diwali on your blog ;)
    I agree that the noise levels were way low this year. And quite glad about it too. We also went green this year with no firecrackers. :)


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