Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hey good day ppl!
And what a day! Its 10-10-10 today. It may be a great date. Many people are saying different things about it. But mostly all around the world it is being observed as a great positive step towards curbing climate crisis.

Check out the earlier post about the Mahim National park which was a garbage dump ground many years ago & now has been converted into a forest. They have butterflies, snakes, a variety of birds, trees, insects, ...

We had gone trekking to Raigad fort on 31st Dec 2009 with a trekking group 'Vedh'. This was not just a normal trek but a cleanliness drive too. Check the post about it too: Travel: Raigad Fort Trek 2009

A friend suggested I check the site: which is working towards bringing down our Carbon emission from the current 388 below 350. Read more about this:

There is a group called 'Walk the Mumbai Trees' which takes you on a tour of knowing more about the trees around you. Meet them on Facebook & check for their next tour. Also I will be adding a post about the tour I took around Ruia college.

This is our small balcony garden managed by my Papa. Its a great, cool place to spend time when at home anytime of the day. Its a home to birds,insects, bees too :)

I hope I am doing my bit & would love to know how I can continue to do this everyday.

Bye. Tc.


  1. Hi Nilima, that's a very nice post :)
    You have got together a lot of info and a lovely pic of the plants in your balcony.

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  4. very nice collection of plants you have there :D

  5. lovely balcony garden,it gives me the recollection of one harnessed by my mother.lovely blog you have!


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