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Hi Good day people!

I have got into this habit of sending mass messaging starting 'Hey ppl...' :). Need to be more courteous ;).

So did you try to relax & observe your thoughts even for a few minutes & not react to them? I am not asking you to suppress/run away/avoid/... your thoughts. That's not possible nor is it easy to do. Coz even if you succeed in doing that, or get yourself satisfaction or pretend that you have managed to do that, its not the case. Sooner or later they will erupt like volcanoes & throw you off balance. Like you sometimes say 'I am succumbed/eaten up by my thoughts'. Don't be afraid of this. It may sound weird or scary, many people have remarked this way on hearing about this technique. But it is just a summary, I cant give you exact method & ways of doing this. For this you will have to attend sessions of the technique from the Teachers & practice it diligently (if you really want to succeed.)

Read this quote on a friend's blog:
Yes, you can be a dreamer and a doer too, if you will remove one word from your vocabulary: impossible.
To achieve/succeed you need to work diligently with full faith in yourself & the path you have chosen.

So we are not supposed to suppress thoughts/avoid them/run away from them & also not react to them when them come in our minds! Confused??? Some people take the meaning as "Stop Thinking!". Cant be & Shouldn't be done.
A friend who is an intelligent,well informed & also a good debater retorted, "Why? Humans are designed to think & thats how they can get solutions & hence have become so advanced. How can we then stop thinking??".
True! Human beings are beings who are given the gift of MIND : mind is the stream of consciousness. It includes all of the brain's conscious processes. - from Wikipedia.
What you are being asked to do is not react to the thoughts.

The methods people use are:
  • Redirect your mind(in my terms :) ).- Watch TV/Listen to Music/Read/Talk to some1 who will make you feel happy/sad, just about anything to stop the reoccurance of thoughts.
  • Get away from the environment which caused the thoughts to start.
  • Block everything/every1/the things/actions/.. which lead to the thoughts.
  • Do Concentration increasing activities. Religiously-Like reciting/chanting a prayer. Hear/Read/look at things which will let your mind be on that 1 thing we are concentrating on except the thoughts.....
  • Sleep on it. Some people just sleep(consciously/unconsciously) on such occasions.
All these and many more activities are indirectly suppressing or helping you run away from the thoughts.

Like in the first post of this topic, we gave the situation of habit of eating a sweet or the feeling that you are going to have a headache, there too we were either saying Yes & No to the thoughts respectively. If we had just let the thought pass without reacting to it, nothing would have caused the misery/problems we faced later.

We have to observe our thoughts. Not react to them. Not give them remarks as: good, bad, dirty, stupid,... Else again we are giving birth to more thoughts in the process. Like an infinite loop ( again in my terms) or a never ending cycle. Simple way of putting it: Be a third person/ an observer of your thoughts. You just watch them come & go. Doing nothing else.

This is the first step of the Technique. Ill elaborate more & give details about the Technique in the next post.
Till then Be a Good Judge who cant give sentences. Just observe. ;)

Bye.Take care.

P.S: I'm not a teacher of the technique nor have the right to teach. I am just explaining in my way the steps to the Technique. But more importantly apart from the technique the biggest obstacle in our way to success for which we hunt outside of ourselves, but it being inside of us.


  1. Great Thoughts ! I totally agree.....U cant run away from your thoughts nor supress them...but its a good idea to observe them...

    Thoughts from past / present / future keep on circling my mind....they are always there....wether i m working in my office/ talkin to friends / watching TV / eating / walking etc etc.....they are ALWAYS ALWAYS there ! Sometimes u r dont even knw that u r actually THINKING something.....then suddenly u realised that u r :D

    I wll dedinitely try to follow the process which u have wrote .

    ps : Hey ppl ! is better than " Hey there " hehehhe.....i hate that word..its so rude

  2. Hi Good day! Thanks Breeze! You are truly a Breeze of freshness ;).


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