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Happy MakarSankranti ! Happy Lohri ! Happy Pongal! Happy Bihu !

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As Author Kajal Dharod says:
When we think about Thanksgiving festival- we always think about the USA thanksgiving in November. Thanksgiving is deep rooted in all cultures and the festival of Makar Sankranti is just that - India’s Thanksgiving festival - thankfulness for the sun, for the cattle, for the harvest and bringing sweet joys through Til guds.

As a parent I am always trying to look for interesting ways to teach values, traditions in a fun way to my kids. I was excited when I got to know Vitamin Simple is introducing their latest book on the theme of Makarsankranti as : My Hopscotch Journey. Authored by Kajal Dharod it takes you to different parts of India and explains how Makar Sankranti is celebrated in different forms.

I was happy I choose to order this book. I wouldnt have been able to explain the festival, its importance, how each state celebrates it and why. The book does all that without getting all preachy instead its lots of fun.

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My son loved the book. He was eagerly waiting for it as he had loved the iDiwali book also by Vitamin Simple. Check out the Entire Bundle of 3 books with 20% off at: InstaMojo

My Hopscotch Journey .... a Pari Tale!
Hopscotch across India and experience the Makar Sankranti (a.k.a. Lohri, Pongal, Uttrayan....) festivities.

I had tried explaining what the Makar Sankranti festival is about. But this book did more than explaining. It repeated the facts and made it fun to remember by practically doing some of the things. Plus point for my son, it had MAPS :p
Dora the explorer, Jack and the Neverland pirates.... all have Maps so we are always making some or the other maps.

Maharashtra. This is our state, mummy?

Gangasagar Mela from the east is explained via stick puppets.

This is not just a story telling book. It has host of activities for kids to do within the book and everything is given inside the book. Kids love stickers, coloring, card making, games, crafts, activities to do. This 40-50 page book does all this.

Experience an adventure that occurs on a simple printed page.
Storytelling, activities and innovative crafts (craft supplies included)
 ✨Make a Lohri bonfire,
 ✨The first geography lesson for India’s map
 ✨A dip in river Ganga  
 ✨Worship the cow ,
 ✨A dash of Geometry,
 ✨Spark joys ,  
✨ Make a Happiness bouquet...
 ✨A kite tambola game

I love the content, the illustrations, the colours, the thoughtful activities, the craft supplies(best quality). Its a complete package at an affordable price. I am a satisfied customer aka mummy ;)

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About Vitamin Simple
This small venture is to create a simple and creative learning platform for young kids through songs, books, crafts and more as we centralize and integrate different ways of learning concepts.

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About Kajal Dharod
I am Kajal, a mom to 4 year old twins. My background is finance and marketing and I have worked on financial softwares for a long time. I have always loved to teach and taken up teaching jobs as and when I got an opportunity. But my best engagement began when I had my twins. My love for teaching and learning keeps growing  as I indulge with my kids. There is just so much to unlearn and learn.
As I share this journey with you , most of the resources will be published for free.  Some selected projects will be converted into products/books to sell. I aspire to be creative and bring new themes or approaches or present inspired concepts all to make learning simple and


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Ravana with 10heads from sticker sheet
Lighting decoration

Here is my son enjoying the iDiwali book by Vitamin Simple. It was made in the form of an Ipad (hence the name iDiwali) so my son took a liking immediately. It has host of activities to explain the story of Diwali. He now remembers Queen Kaikai as the bad queen aunty who sent Ram, Lakshman and Sita to the forest. :D

Do buy a copy of these books for your kids. I am sure they will love it and you will too :)

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