Event: Storytelling by Gayatri Aptekar on the African Jungle Safari

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Me and my kid loves books (yes, you may know that if you are following this blog since long) and reading. I had got to know about Gayatri Aptekar through a post on Humans of Thane facebook post.

I started following her and love the little advice, motivational messages, incidents, blog posts, etc she shares. Then I saw she conducts storytelling session for kids and adults along with counselling sessions, motivational talks, parenting sessions.

I saw a post on her timeline about story telling session happening at Thane on the theme of African Jungle Safari. I was overjoyed.

The venue was The Thinking Cap library, Hiranandani Meadows Shopping Complex, Thane which is a cute little library and activity center just for kids. They have books from 6month-18 years and classes of a varied types conducted there.

I was super happy to be told that since my son is small I will have to sit and attend the storytelling session, I would have coaxed them to let me sit for this one anyways ;). Such days I am happy to be a Mother and thank my son for it :D Touch wood to that !

The day was 18th June 2017, Sunday at 4pm. Also the day when the India Vs Pakistan match was happening. My hubby and FIL were super happy to see kiddo be out of the house and get the full control of TV for themselves :D

Gayatri Aptekar storytelling: African Jungle Safari

We were 25+ kids and some moms present with Gayatri in full energy mood. She started with introducing herself and the rules to be followed during the 2 hour session.

Her expressions, tone, volume of voice instantly gets your attention. You cant be quiet or straight faced any time during her sessions. She is smiling, cheerful, moving around, being no-holds-types of expressive in her gestures. Super entertaining to watch her in action. I cant do half of it when storytelling at home.

We did 2 stories according to the Theme of the sessions. All the kids joined in with full gusto. The energy in the room was palpable. The kids had a coloring activity based on the story, a dance routine and snacks + icecreams ;) Everyone was happy and satisfied with the session.

The kids couldnt get enough of Gayatri and had to pushed back all the time. But she never scolded or asked the kids to sit in 1place (especially my kid who was all around the room). She explained later that all kids of any age are like that, if they dont have fun who will ;) God Bless you Gayatri !

A few of the mommies and guess most are followers of Gayatri through Facebook and other social media networks.

We hope to attend more of the Gayatri's session, kids and adults.

About Gayatri Aptekar
Gayatri Aptekar is a professional storyteller, parent coach and therapist. She's the founder of Gayatri's Edu-World, a creative learning centre for children aged 4-13 years and A Better Parent, a coaching platform for parents.
Her belief in the transformational power of stories inspired her to embrace storytelling as a means to coach parents, educators and children.
Her workshops and storytelling events are aimed at raising confident, courageous, compassionate and resilient children.
Follow her on: 

Do follow Gayatri to get enlightened about life, parenting, stories, motivation.

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  1. Sujata- The Thinking CapJune 30, 2017 at 2:51 PM

    Thank You Nilima.For attending the session with your adorable toddler, and for the lovely article. It was a pleasure to host it and many thanks to Gayatri and The Learning Curve. Hoping to conduct many more like this.

    1. Thank you Sujata for the comment and organising the session. Yes me too keeping fingers crossed for more sessions with Gayatri :)


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