Product Review: Oh My Name! Personalised story book

Greetings Parents and People,
The best gift a child can get is the habit of reading.
Its a whole different world when you are in the company of a book.

I am a book lover and thankfully so is my son. I was thinking what to gift him on his 4th birthday. I came upon a blog post about customized book with your kids name embedded within the story.
I was very much interested !

A Personalized story for kids. Its story about a boy who forgot his name and goes on a journey to find it. How is it personalized? The name of your kid or the one you are gifting the book to, is weaved into the story. Isn't it lovely :)
The story stars the child and he/she goes on a journey to different places and collects the letters which form his name.
They design the book keeping in mind if the child is a Girl or a Boy. 

The company making these books is: Oh My Name !
Website: Oh My Name!
Facebook page: Oh My Name!
Twitter handle: @OhMyname

Here are the Promo Code to avail a 10% discount on the cost of the book. Place your order NOW!

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I checked their website and found the cost within my budget. The story of how the company was formed got me more looking forward to the book. Read about it here:

So I created an account. I placed an order. They allow you to add an image of the kid with message on the first page of the book. I mailed them the pictures and the message.

Lets read: Oh My Name!

Dabi helped find the letter 'A'

Dinosaurs are still in hiding and they gave us letter 'R'

Aah, we found our name and can sleep now ;)

The Author Nikhil Mittal himself called up to talk to me about the book and process. I also sent mails to the Team and they coordinated very well with multiple mails and update of how the book was getting made, what step was being done, where it had reached, asking for my feedback,....

The book reached well in advance for my Son's birthday. It was a surprise for him.
It was neatly packed in bubble wrap.

Birthday boy with his surprise gift

My son laughed out aloud on seeing his picture on the first page and wanted to read it immediately.
He asked if the boy in the story was him. When I said yes and explained how the boy had forgotten his name and was going on a journey to find his name, his eyes lighted up. Adventure ! 
He got busy racing through pages. I let him go through the entire book and then started reading it slowly.

Is this boy ME?

"My photo is on starting page", says Pranav

He squealed when Dabi the puppet is introduced and I produced it from its wrap :D Then he held Dabi all the time when reading the book.

We both read the story and hunted for the alphabets which formed his name. He loved searching for the alphabets and is now more interested in learning about them, the sound of each alphabet.

The book has had multiple readings till date and we love to talk about each character in the book after its over.

What I liked:
I loved the way they have incorporated a story on the basis of each name and the child's interests.

The story and flow is smooth. Words are simple for kids to understand. Concepts are explained in rhymes. Well done Author Nikhil Mittal.

Our book had instances of team work, friendship, exploring (with Galileo, Wright brothers  as Guest appearances), helping others, showing compassion,...

The illustration of characters, their traits and talents,... is perfect. Special mention to Living Waters Studio who got the cartoons/characters alive.

The quality of paper, colors used, packaging, Dabi as a hand puppet is very good. Worth the cost, I would say. Check their Facebook page and website for offers and Giveaways.

I loved the way they followed up even after delivery of the product. Shows they value each book, child and the parents as customers.

This book will be a treasured addition to a child's belongings preserved for ages to come as its timeless. Its like the baby clothes, toys, shoes, photos we preserve of our child.

The cost is affordable. When you go gift shopping for kids, toys cost you 500-1000Rs. Also they lose interest, breakdown, out-grow them very soon. This book can be picked up anytime for atleast one read and become one of your fond memories too :)

What I wanted more:
More contribution of Dabi in the story instead of just following the child around.
Events in Mumbai too. :) I would love to attend and spread the word for this wonderful concept.

All the best Oh My Name! Team :)

Do check out this product. Follow their FB page for offers and Giveaway. The Team is super responsive to queries.

Apply the Code at Checkout:

Hardcover -          Code: RT10    Rs 1399/- Rs.1259/-
Paperback -          Code: RT10    Rs 999/- Rs.899/-
Hardcover Mini - Code: RT10    Rs 799/- Rs.719/-

Paperback Mini - Code: RT10    Rs 599/- Rs.539/-

Let us know if you bought a copy and your review of it. Use the PROMO CODE !

Bye. Take care.


  1. Sounds interesting. But 1299 seems a bit too steep for me. Pics look good and lovely write up Nilima

    1. Thank you Sundari for the comment.
      Yes at first glance it is Steep. But if you take into account the cost you pay for a toy or clothes as gift. It comes close to Rs.1000+. This Book will stay with the kid irrespective of the age or his changing favourite things. Timeless, ageless,...

      Also there is the PROMO CODE given for DISCOUNT. Enjoy ! :)


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