Event: Mithai Cupcake workshop by Chef Anees at APB Studio with JAMMs

Good day!
Another JAMMs workshop at APB Studio :)

My nevadya to my Bappa: Mithai Cupcakes with Modak filling and grated coconut frosting :)
 This is what my Bappa got as Nevadya from my side. Each year I try to make something different for Ganpati. Thank you Chef Anees, Chef Rushina, APB studios and JAMMs for teaching me this :)

This was a Mithai Cupcake workshop by Chef Anees of  StarAnise P√Ętisserie.
The festive season is coming soon and I was thinking of what to make for Ganpati which is eggless and can be served as Prasad. Last year I had made Coconut center white chocolate modaks. So this workshop was perfect for me. Check what I made for Ganpati at the end of the post.

 We registered and I was thrilled to be at APB studio again. The first I had attended Event: JAMMs Book Club meet and Book Reading by Kiran Manral

So 25 JAMMies gathered at Yummy Mummy Chef Rushina's APB Studio in Andheri East. Know more about the studio at: http://www.apbcookstudio.com/


Chef Anees has his own P√Ętisserie at StarAnis . We started with basic introductions and questions by Chef Anees about baking. Then we made batter for Cupcake and different fillings and flavors of Mithai for the Cupcakes. We made the Modak filling Cupcake and the Gajar Halwa flavored Cupcake.

How to make them look drool worthy was shown by Chef Anees. Trust me, they were yum to the core :) He showed how we can let our creativity run amok with these mithai flavours and cupcakes. The other cupcakes he had pre-made to show us as example. The workshop was hosted by Sprig and we used Sprig Natural Color extracts instead of Oil based or Food Colours.

Chef Rushina gave us a classy and now-in-trend dessert idea: Mithai Jar Dessert. We had fun watching how she piled all the sugary sweet flavors and decorated it with a lil sparkle by Chef Anees.

The JAMMs mommies. A lot of them are Home Bakers and their questions, tips helped others to understand a lot about baking. Chef Anees kept giving small small tips like why your cakes become hard when batter is stirred a lot or why they dip or sugar and its types or shops to buy your baking stuff from.

JAMMs with Chef  Anis and Chef Rushina at APB Studio

 We also met Food bloggers: Mumbai Food Diaries and 2BlissofBaking.

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Let you know when I bake a Mithai Cupcake batch.
Read more posts about JAMMs at http://nav-justanyrandomtopic.blogspot.in/search/label/JAMMs

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  1. Too much foooooooooodddddddddd! :D lovely pics. Enjoying yourself, I can see

    1. Haha J are we? Yes, Enjoyed myself. Now gearing up to try them at home & prepare for Ganpati festival

  2. Replies
    1. :) Thank you Aparna. Try to make them and lets share tips ;)

  3. Great pictures. I would love to see how your efforts turned out for the Ganpati festival. Tag me on FB when you have a post up on that. :)

    1. Thank you Corinne for the comment :). Yes, sure. I have updated how my cupcakes turned out.


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