#AtoZ Challenge 2016: Letter G for Greenery

Greetings everyone,
For Letter G we are posting pictures of greenery I have come across.
Hope in this sweltering summer these pictures offer some coolness to your eyes :)

The small garden maintained by my dad.
The garden my MIL works diligently on everyday.
One of the Activities I attended:
Bhendi Tree with Walk the Mumbai Trees walk
Vrushavali, Thane Flower exhibition
Right within the city: Maharashtra Nature Park
Most Popular Post on this blog: Brahma Kamal
From the treks I have done

God paints such lovely landscapes in all hues and shades. At Kalsubai

Another highest peak of Maharashtra: Ajoba Parvat where Luv Kush were born

Outskirts of Mumbai: Karnala Fort
Have you tried River Rafting at Kolad?

Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Top of Raigad Fort

Gardens of Ajmer Palace, Jaipur

Go around our blog I am sure you will find lots of pictures of Greenery :)

Contribution for Letter G, Done !

Bye. Take care.


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