#AtoZ Challenge 2016: Letter F for Fish

Hello everyone,
I am an Eggetarian, so dont expect me to show pictures of Fish delicacies since I am posting about Baking for Letter C.

Though I first thought about posting about Food. I have too many restaurant reviews and baking posts.

Then I thought I can also post about Fitness.

But this is a small subject we discuss daily at home. My hubby being an animal lover (these species get attracted to him like magnet and metal, dont ask me how) we have A(one) fist tank. My MIL says at one point there were 13 tanks all over the house and she had to convince/cheat him to get rid of each of them :D Apart from the Cats and dogs and turtles.

Having a Fish tank in the house has many good effects.
  • It becomes the center piece or attraction in your house. We have a 250liter tank and when anyone first comes in, it sure attracts the person to it. All thanks to my husbands hobby and extensive research. Yes, it is a task and an expense to maintain. This one has Live aquatic plants which require the right amount of Ph levels, filtration, warmth, sunlight. If you see the top of the tank and the below equipment and its paraphernalia you will be stunned to see around 4 UV projecting tube lights and 4fans to keep those tube lights and water cool, a huge water filtration pump costing some thousands of rupees. The tank has its own thermometer too :D

  • According to Feng shui, the moving water revitalizes the energy which is stagnant in the house. This was how the tank looked 2years ago. But we try to add different types of fishes than the usual ones and plants to it always. There are Guppies, Angels, Discus, Suker fish, Shrimps, Snails, Molly, Tetra.

  •  They say if you atleast spend 15mins everyday watching fishes and their activities, you will have a healthy heart. Its actually quite an engrossing activity, you can spend an hour watching them. Also cleaning the tank is quite destressing. My kiddo is the assistant to his papa in this weekly activity and also maintains a census of the snails he detests :D
Live Toys ! My kiddo, when he was a baby loved to watch the fishes from his bassinet.
  •  Its different world altogether. They dont have memory. Their mating and reproductive systems are unique to each breed. Survival of the Fittest is here to see. Also how to protect their area and offspring's. How to eliminate the enemy or their own babies, makes them look cruel but again Survival of the Fittest :) You learn a lot by just watching.
The Eggs(white dots) of Angel(black big fish) on the middle stump of driftwood
  •  Going Fishing, the term in our home means to go shopping for the Fish tank :p Its fun to visit shops and people who are experts in this trade. 
An aquarium shop in Istanbul
Like a kid in a Candyshop, my husband :D

  • If you love sea food, you will love how abroad they display whats on their menu.

Restaurant in Istanbul, showing whats on the menu. Take your pick.
  • Some science class you can have in a Fish tank shop. Guess these Fishes? :D If you know more about them please leave details in Comments. Thank you in advance.
    Gold Fish

    Black Angel.
     I think only by name they are Angels. Hate how they kill their competitors :|

     I just love them. But its tough breeding them in India. They require warm water and outside of India breed easily even in gutters. In India, its like gambling, people loose lakhs to get the Discus to breed. My husband has green fingers I would say to get them to stay alive for over a year, if not multiply. It takes hell of patience and knack to breed them.

    Flowerhorn. The new rage in the market
    Do you have a fish tank? Do you love Fishing ;) ? Let us know in comments.
So this was our contribution for Letter F.

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20 Letters more to go :) All the Best, fellow Bloggers !


  1. Replies
    1. Thankooo ;) You have seen the tank so are a better judge of it.

  2. I love your fish tank. Was fascinated as a child and no wonder your baby enjoying. I guess it's tough to keep one but happy someone is taking care for the love of it. How do you ensure the fish don't die in summer?

  3. Great choice of topic for F! Hope you are able to catch up on all your challenge posts soon.

    Best wishes,
    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016

  4. Having an aquarium in a house with kids can be quite entertaining (and also risky!!) We had a couple of goldfishes once...not anymore.

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  5. I am only found of eating fish! These fish tanks make me restless with the nonstop movement of the fishes as if they are trying to escape the confines of the tank. Never kept one!


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