#AtoZ Challenge 2016: Letter E for Engineering Marvels

Greetings People,
For Letter E I would like to display photos I have clicked of Structures I call Engineering Marvels.

Take a look. Share your knowledge about any of them you have seen.

Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus or Victoria Terminus

Gateway of India, built to welcome the Queen of England
The Old & New Taj Hotel
More information on this can be found at Mumbai Heritage Walk in Open Bus :)

The vessels from top of GPO

St. Peter's Church, Bandra
Bandra Station

Vipassana Center,Igatpuri
Global Pagoda, Gorai, Mumbai

Read about Technique of Vipassana and the newly opened Global Pagoda at Gorai beach, Mumbai

Haji Ali Dargah

Check more Pictures of Haji Ali Dargah and information

The Worli Sea Link is Mammoth and its fun to Cycle and Run the Marathons on it ;)

Lets go little outside of Maharashtra now ;)

Have you checked out Jaipur? Read our detailed Jaipur guide posts :)

Hava Mahal, Jaipur
Jaipur Observatory

Seesh Mahal in Amber Palace, Jaipur

Jaivana World famous Cannon

Something International?

I have visited only Istanbul in Turkey. Some wonderful architecture I saw here.

Blue Mosque, coz its made from blue tiles
Rustom Pasha mosque

Haga Sophia mosque

Bosphorus Bridge: Connects Europe and Asia
Water storage system. We looked everywhere but couldnt locate the Cistern. Then realised its underground water storage system. Genius !

Medusa can be found here :)
Basilica Cistern

Enough of touring now. I hope you liked my entry for Letter E

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  1. Architects are so talented and creative! Wish I could see inside their minds :D

    Joy @ the Joyous Living: E is for Enough (2002)

    1. Thank you Joy for the comment and that is thought provoking thought :)

      All the best for the Challenge ! Hopping over to your blog now.

  2. This is a lovely collection of some attractive places! Loved it

    F - Playing with Fire

    1. Thank you Solitary Writer :) More such pictures and places coming right up. Stay tuned.

      All the best for the challenge.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Amit & All the best for the Challenge !

  4. Aha!!! My Mumbai, My life..Iconic CST, Bandra and haji Ali, places where I left my soul back in time and feels so vivid.
    Thanks for such beautiful collection:)

    1. Oh Vishal you should come visit it again then :) Thank you for the comment !

  5. Beautiful buildings! I would love to see some of them someday.

    1. May God grant your wish soon @A joyful Chaos :)
      Thank you for the comment & All the best for the Challenge!

  6. Feeling nostalgic after going through the prominent structures in mumbai. We have once studied it in detail during our second year.Every time i visit them,all these marvels make me to fall in love with. I can resist here to share that most of these structures are of indo-saracenic architectural style which got evolved in 19th century in british india.they drew the elements from ancient indian and indo Islamic architecture and combine it with gohic revival and neo classical Victoria British style.most of the sculptures and art pieces had been crafted in jj college of art and architecuture. I think I have to stop here or it will be too lengthy comment.

    1. Woho Kshitija Loong comment :) Thank you. Honoured that you are more expert and experienced in this field and liked my post. Someday we should go on a tour of each structure and you give me all the details. I love to explore such places.

  7. Such lovely picture! I wish to see the Worli sea link and find it awesome. Hope to be there one day.
    Jaipur is another beautiful place.


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