Event: Sai Old Age Home visit on 26 Jan 2016 with Mann Majhe and Helping Hands group

Greetings People,
I have been monetarily donating to a group-Helping Hands led by my ex-colleague and friend Sanjay Naikwadi for 3-4years. This group with another group called Mann Majhe select orphanages, old age homes or schools where help is needed, collect money from family/friends/well wishers and donate it to these institutes. So every 26th January and 15th August they do their visits.
Whoever is free can join them in these trips. I finally after always trying and cancelling, joined these 2groups for a visit to an Old Age home in Dombivali on 26th January 2016.

The meeting point was Dombavali Railway Station.

Flag hoisting at Dombivali railway station.

Rangoli at station saying : Please inform when you see Unattended objects.

Om Sai Old Age Home, Dombivali

Entrance to Sai Old Age home with an idol of Sai baba.

This is a paid Old Age Home, meaning families who cant take care of elders, pay the Home a certain affordable amount per month for their family member's upkeep.

A small token to the home and Sai baba, a beads garland
Sanjay (without glasses) is doing such charity activities since a long time.

Pinning the Indian flag to all residents of the home.
The Kaka in white is a Crorepati from Goa.
Lost his property and memory. Was on the
street for months, till someone got him here.

Chotu is blind at birth.
The ever smiling residents
This lady was an Inspector in
Ghatkopar Police station for 20years. Cant 
keep still, keeps parading around the room :)
Kamal Aaji

Kamal aaji flaunts her new cap :)

The group had ordered a cake for the residents. 
Cake cutting by Chotu. He is blind by birth & his birthday never gets celebrated
Smiles & singing all around
Asha madam explains her dream, mission and experience in running this old age home

Asha Shinde, the owner of the Home is a nurse by profession. She is a thorough believer of Sai Baba. She wanted to do something for society and as instructed by her mentor, opened this Home in 2000. Since then she has been running it, pretty well by her experience. Since she is a nurse,  she can very well attend to each
This uncle recited some lovely shayari's and songs

of the residents, who mostly have had paralytic attacks. There are weekly doctor visits for each resident. Few organisations come to visit the Home. But it is not aided by any Rotary or Lions club. Its her own money which she invested and now the monthly fees the residents families give help her manage the workings.

Group pic of the Golden heart angels :)

The Mann Majhe and Helping hands group members

The group had asked Asha tai if she could order for some good, sweet food for the residents, the bill paid by our 2 groups.

A treat from us to the residents :)

He was in the Navy for 38 years. 
This uncle was a Navy man with 38 years of service. He had a paralytic attack and was bed ridden, Now his condition has improved a lot, can sit up and move around with help. He has a wife and a son.

Some of our members entertained and dedicated songs to the residents.

Swarali with her lovely voice sang a song which is stuck in my head. Apt for this Life !
Listen to Swarali's song Jiv Devane Dhadila from movie Sopanchi Aai Bahinabai https://youtu.be/7M3CP1QIciU

A shayari
Before leaving, the essentials requested by the Home in a prior visit and the money left from contributions was donated. The essentials were in the form of Soap, Detergents, blankets, bed covers, oil, fruits etc which were mailed to us by the groups. You can either donate cash or select the items and donate them.

Donating the cash and essentials contributed by our members
Sachin & Sanjay are college friends who joined their groups together for such activities.
The Thank you note from the Home

Kaka says, 'God bless all of you & be with you always.' Thank you Kaka :)
Bidding farewell to everyone :)
It was a feel-good experience. Instead of hoisting the flag, munching on snacks and attending some song & dance, this activity was far more enriching.
Hope to do it more often.

Kudos to Mann Majhe and Helping hands. Keep up the good work guys !

You can reach the groups at:
Mann Majhe : Facebook & Website
Helping Hands : Facebook

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Bye. Take care :)


  1. Great work Nilima.. Congratulations.. Keep up the good work. It is definitely far more enriching and satisfying to spread a smile..

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ruchi, yes it is humbling & a quick trip of self-realization too :)

  3. Wonderful!!
    I got goosebumps seeing the above :)

    God Bless you with your lovely mission

  4. Such a wonderful cause, Nilima. Keep up the good work. :)

  5. This is truly awesome Nilima. Keep up the great work :D
    A pat on your back

  6. Very impressed with all the activities you are involved in, Nilima. Great going!

  7. Thank You Nilima for joining with us for 1st time and sharing you experience.


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