Whats that pic-44

After ages a picture for the Whats that pic series.

Only in India will people park their cars anywhere and leave them.No one will touch it for years.
Only in India when you park a car in a paid parking lot, it will get stolen within an hour.

Parked for good

This car around Thane is parked like this since couple of years. The TMC when it was working on the road, worked around the car but no one moved it out :P

I think we can start a 'Only in India' series too with such pictures :)

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  1. Oh God! we have one car right outside our compound, gathering dust since 4-5 years. They managed to have it removed during elections as a voting booth is on our lane. It was back after voting got over. The owner obviously lives in the area. He neither cleans it nor takes it for a spin. I don't think it will fetch him much if sold either. Don't really know what he stands to gain, the idiot

    1. Like my FIL says, some people leave their vehicles coz they are stuck in legalities. Missed repayment of loans,...and such things.


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