Nature: Lilies

Good day people !
The monsoon brings a lot of greenery around us. Our small garden at home is in full bloom loaded with freshly washed leaves, smell of wet soil, birds chirping away, butterflies a plenty.

My favorite flowering plant at the moment, Lily is in full spirit.

Lily in bloom, love its innocence & feisty look
 If you see my profile pic, it is also a close up of the tiny pink lily bud. This one is at my mom's place

Yellow Lily

My mother-n-law has planted a variety of Lily saplings. The bulb for this one was borrowed from a neighbor. Its a lovely, bright yellow. Ignore the leaves, there are 2 plants mixed in this 1 pot ;)

Pink Lily
These Pink Lilies, bloom in bunches together during rainy season. There might 2-3 such bunches when they bloom.
 The same plant blooming at my Mom's place.

White Lily
The White Lily & Pink Lily, my mother-in-law nurtures them dearly. So once a year in return, they bloom in abundance for a few days.

Tagar, multiple petals
The Tagar plant in the picture, didnt bloom at all & suddenly this year is blossoming in full spirit.
The Tagar flower can be found in many varieties. In our garden itself we have 3 types.
One has 5petals & looks like Stars. My mom says they look like Chandni or Moon Beam, coz at night the flowers strewn around the tree actually look like small white stars. But the sticky juice oozing out has a pungent smell.
The other two types have multiple petals & lovely smell.

Its lovely to watch such beautiful sights from your own windows.
So know more about trees and plant some around you.
Its a beneficial investments in terms of time, efforts and health.

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Save the Tigers :P

Bye. Take care.


  1. Lovely pics; cute write up
    Actually when I saw the pink lily I thought of your profile pic too :D and then I saw that you had also mentioned it. I remember the pink lilies at your mom's place.

    1. Thank you Sundari :) Yes, my Papa & my MIL have green fingers. We reap the fruits ;)

  2. Beautifully written, and nice photos to go with it. I do like Lilies too.

    1. Thank you Devika :) Yes we do have a lot in common :D

  3. How Cute !!! The words and the pics . brought a smile ..:)Ty

    1. Thank you Rubina :) Comment from you is an honour ;)


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