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Good day people !
 This collection is from a year back. Ya, you can call me weird for collecting photos of Taxi interiors.   But I have traveled by taxi as much as by Auto rickshaws. We Mumbaikars cant live without them.

My maternal grandpa used to own a fleet of taxi's. I still feel thrilled if I flag a Premier Padmini taxi & more if they have the gear shift connected to the steering wheel. Also used to love the beautiful glass globes at the end of the gear shifts. During my pregnancy I preferred the new taxi's. Hate it when they smell of cigarette smoke, if the driver seems chatty ask & scold him if he has allowed smoking. Thankfully the RTO has issued notices which the Taxi drivers stick on their dashboards announcing the fines. But some old taxi's smell musty & dirty with or without rains.

This is how old taxi's look from inside.
The roof or headliner was covered with printed fabric which starts looking grimy after a period of time & if it gets wet, god save the passengers.

What I started noticing now-a-days is that the fabric or whatever material they use is being sort of laminated. Reminds me of certificates being laminated.
They do a lot of funky variations & designs to the entire interior.

The bunch of grapes hanging from
the rear view mirror is old now.
Going all fruity

I asked the drivers how much it costs them to decorate this way. They say its pretty cheap around 3-5k depending on your request. Also it gets done in 2 days max.

Some are sober, classy styled.

The punches/pins add a new look
Dell is going to be very angry at the
use of their logo this way :D

They say the cleaning & maintenance is easier. Just take a wet cloth & wipe all around. If the interior is done recently you will immediately notice the smell of plastic.

The same look throughout
Healthy choice

Some go creative

Some go floral

Flower & fruits

I used to have a great time collecting these pics and chatting with the drivers. Some tell their family stories, some tell you the latest updates of the locality you are travelling by, some about the taxi unions,RTO,...

I hope to continue & enjoy my taxi rides. Come back to check if I clicked any more weird pics. Earlier I had clicked:
AutoRickshaw interior design idea
Automobile engineer at work
Funky Scooter color combo

Till then Bye. Take care.


  1. I agree if such interior cleaned daily could be good and no doubt the passenger will not be bored of his long n dusty travel to his destination 😜


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