Event:Vrukshavali,Thane: Flower & Vegetable exhibition

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Winter is a great season when people & plants bloom. So when my Mother-in-law(Mrs.Greenfingers) told me about a Plants & Flower exhibition arranged in Thane, I was keen to attend it with her and my toddler.

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The Event name: Vrikshavali. Its a Plants, Flower, Vegetable exhibition. This is its 9th year. It was arranged at Gaodevi, near Thane Station West from 30 Jan to 1st Feb 2015.

The entrance

The entrance with Fountains

 Flower rangoli's
Vithoba in flowers
 My Kiddo took quite a fascination for this one. Climbed inside the barricade & tried to redecorate :p Talk about public humiliation !
Cheerful as daisies

For my MIL being among plants is a super stress buster. I couldnt agree more, apart from carrying my kiddo around to stop him from creating havoc.

Insulin, the star of the show.
 Insulin, This plant was highlighted everywhere, guess the media & medical community have made Diabetes a major demon.

Lot of organisations had set up their plants here such as Central Railways, Hiranandani, Godrej, RCF & nurseries.

Vegetable garden in pots. This was by RCF, Raigad.

Brinjals and tomatoes

Surti papdi
Dodka or Ridge Gourd

In the middle of the exhibition hall was a room which was creating a lot of jam outside. When you go in, you realise why people werent moving fast inside.

Lovely arrangements

Never seen this flower

Vegetable carvings, check the crocodile from Bitter gourd

And the dragon

Flower cake ;)

Roses !

These flowers were entered for a competition
Tea roses, earned Princess of the Show award

The King & Queen of the Show awardees

Lot of beautiful landscaping gardens

Lord Shankar & Shiv linga

Model village

Star attraction

My kiddo checking if there are fishes in this pond


Hibiscus, every year few months before Ganpati we try to grow as many coloured plants of these so that we have a different color flower for Ganpati each day

 Paper flowers. All these are made from paper, cant believe your eyes right?

Each had a couplet written for it

Each type of flower in paper

Flower garden in paper
At the feedback stall in the register  I wrote and asked them to extend the exhibition for more days. But guess it would be injustice on the plants to force them to stay in bloom for so many days.

There were many stalls outside the exhibition area, where you could buy plants & garden accesories. We restricted to buying only a local version of Rose. I was more looking for different types of pots, pot holders, window hangers and the like. Have taken a lot of phamplets from the stalls to contact later. Mostly the stalls are from around Thane, Vashi.

Today is the last day for the exhibition. Our next target is to pay a visit to the Maharashtra Nature Park at Dharavi.
I am thankful that I did Tree walks, now I can recognize more plants than my school & guide scout days.

Happy Green Winter to you all.


  1. Treat for the eyes!
    Very beautiful !

  2. Awesome pictures Nilima! Thank you so much for the virtual tour. Loved it :D


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