Book Review: Kingdom Come by Aarti V Raman

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Yes, another Book Review after a long time.

I got this book from the author Aarti V Raman, courtesy Sundari praising my reviews sky high to Aarti. So I read the book taking my own sweet time & more of my sweet time reviewing it :p
If you read Aarti's mail & her introduction in the book, her enthusiasm is INFECTIOUS. Makes you smile & do her bidding. Sorry Aarti for keeping you waiting.

IED, dead eyes, rubble, fuse, silver gray eyes, heaven, long legs, insane hatred, detonation wire, C4, shrapnel, dead, FUBAR, heart called organ, MI5, precision, technology, sensuous, twin assault, sanctuary, red flecked hair ends, rippling muscles, death-wish cigarette, ....

These words or in technical terms-Tags run around in your mind when reading this book.

The story:
How do you kill a man with no Achilles heel? You cut off his foot - Tom Jones
This line got me hooked !

Krivi, An ex army soldier who is the living-dead body caused by losing his lover in an Terrorist planned car explosion, is looking for revenge. He gets a lead about a orphan girl-Ziya who can be the terrorists sister. He jumps in to get close to her & get leads. Finds him falling for her and that she is innocent, but cant accept the love he feels. She is falling for him too. But as fate would have it, the only family & friends she has are ripped away from her by the same terrorist-The Woodpecker. She joins Krivi in uncovering and getting revenge from this mentally unstable ruthless being. With all these happenings, do these tourtured souls find solace & love in each other?

What I liked:
Exceptional writing and more exceptional research about everything. Aarti hats off to that. No wonder like you wrote in the Introduction, Harlequin Mills and Boon team waited for you to finish,re-edit the book. Felt as if you were a real ex army personnel to write so fluidly about military training, technology used, minds of terrorist, retrieval of data, bomb making and diffuse, Kashmir. I am sure readers got a brief intro to making a hand bomb ;) I want to go to Leh-Ladakh soon now & maybe streak my hair ends red too ;)

What I want more:
Loved the twists, human emotions clearly depicted via writing, really wicked revelations about the Woodpecker & Ziya's parents. I wish I could meet all the characters in real coz you portrayed them so clearly. But sometimes I wished I could run through the emotion depicting parts when there was lot of action happening. I would be gripping my phone when an action scene was happening and there will be detailing of how Krivi's eyes lashed, his grip,... I would be whispering.. Come on guys hurry up... you got milliseconds before KINGDOM COME ! :D

Thumbs up Aarti ! After a long time read such a fat book & loved it a lot. Keep writing & stay the same ! 
All the best.

Disclaimer: I received the PDF version of this book from the author for my honest review.

People here are links to know more & Buy the book:

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Buy & read the book people. Aarti has many more books to her credit. Some more coming up. So try this one, till you start following her new releases.

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  1. Excellent review Nilima! You have mentioned about the research that I missed out on. :)
    Congratulations on reading and reviewing despite your excruciating schedule.

  2. Hey Nilima

    Apologies for the slight delay in replying. Thanks so much for the lovely thoughts on KC! I look forward to entertaining you with my next books :)
    Writer Gal


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