Travel: Jaipur- Hava Mahal and Jantar Mantar

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Next stop was Hava Mahal. For this we had to enter the old city of Jaipur. Here you get to see why its called the pink city. All the houses, shops are coloured in this same color. Also all the name plates of shops are in Hindi.

 In 1876 when Prince of Wales visited Jaipur, to welcome him the entire town was painted in the colour pink.

The king's residence

Hava Mahal or Palaze of Breeze was built by the Maharaja as an extension of the palace, a part of the Zanan or queens chamber. It is a 5storey structure with 950 windows, through which the wind circulates and built so that the queens could watch the everyday life without being seen. This is included in the Composite Ticket.

If your schedule is tight, you can just view this structure from outside. As our driver suggested, it will only give your legs some exercise climbing each floor, peeping through numerous windows and maybe a few good shots of the city. They say the market around this area is like the Linking road of Mumbai, get fancy, cheap clothes here.

950 windows-Hava Mahal

 Jantar Mantar or Jaipur Observatory
 This is UNESCO world heritage site built by the Maharaja to measure time, tide, predicting eclipses, tracking stars in their orbits. The Maharaja built 5 such observatories. This one has fourteen major geometric devices (or yantras in Hindi).
Read the incription to understand its importance.
My hubby had the patience to read it all :p

This tourist attraction I was not keen on to wander around and opposite for my husband. I was thorougly bored coz couldnt understand a thing.

Hire a guide to get atleast a basic understanding of these structures. Trust me the plaques in front of each structure will make you go back to your geography classes in school. Best would be to take the Audio guides available at the Ticket counter, the audio's explain each structure in detail without the mirch masala the guides will add :D

Latitudes, longitudes

The sundial