Travel: Jaipur-Bapu Bazar

Good day ppl !
Here is the last part of the Jaipur series.

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Travel: Jaipur-Bapu Bazar

After an entire 2nd day of visiting on my to-visit places, We returned to our Hotel for the day.

The famous puppet show
 The Puppet show was in full swing. The puppeteers were singing English/Spanish/.. some language songs instead of the traditional songs. Later after the kids had dispersed I asked them why they did so. They said that is Marketing. Tourists cant understand our songs & they get bored. So we learn and sing their songs. These people can speak 5-6 languages & sing.
They were ready to sell the puppets for Rs 600 a pair. 

 Next was our last day in Jaipur. We had a flight to catch at 4pm. This time we googled for Radio cabs & booked one Metro Cab for our trip to the airport.

I had seen the sunset in Jaipur, so why not the Sun rise !
Got up at 5:30. Went to the roof.

Hues on the horizon, preparing for dawn

A waiter came by to check, told me all these haveli's/houses are now turning into hotels.
 Tourism is the Major occupation now here.

Aah here is the Sun, finally.
This is our Hotels tiny Gift shop. But the items were priced double/triple. Google & Make a list of what you would like to take back as souvenirs.

The to-be-bought items of Jaipur. Rajai's or soft quilts, block printed bedcovers, mogdi's. This was displayed in the small shop our hotel kept. Here they were higly priced. So go to local markets for good bargains.
We went to Bapu bazar on our 3rd and last day there. Took an auto there after haggling with one to come down to the correct price for the ride. Roamed around most of the market, window shopping for 1hour. Then after getting an idea of the prices of things I wanted to buy as souveneirs, entered 1-2shops. I had in mind the Jaipur speciality-mojari or the upturned sandals, earrings, necklaces, bedcovers. I kept away from leather articles. I wanted to buy the glass lanters too, seen in almost every houses, palaces, shops.. but didnt :( .
How do you transport it all the way to Mumbai without breaking it even in an aeroplane, my as always practical husband pointed out?

Sorry I wish I had clicked a snap of the items I bought. So if you dont want authentic jewellery or diamonds found in Jhaveri Bazar, please go to Bapu Bazar. Its like Mumbai's Dadar or Crawford market.

Long poooost. Evident why I took 18months exactly to write it :D

Hope it is useful to people going for a quick visit and want to see it all.

I would love to complete the Golden triangle soon. Let you know when I do.

Till then Enjoy your Travels !

Let us know if you have more interesting facts about Jaipur & if we missed any interesting places.
Bye. Take care


  1. Bapu Bazaar was on my list. But since I wanted to buy only cotton churidhaar materials, I managed to get them in the area I was staying in. Glad I did as I didn't find time for this either more due to lack of inclination than anything else :)

  2. Thanks Sundari for the comment. Bapu Bazar, I had to go, else my family would have restricted my entry into the house if I didnt get them mojdi or jewellery ;)
    Glad I went though, had to coax my bored hubby, he was invaluable when bargaining :D.

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  4. Wow! such a fantastic and fabulous blog. Thanks for sharing us.


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