Travel: Jaipur- Albert Museum and Birla Temple

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This is part of the Jaipur Travel series.
This was day 2 of our stay in Jaipur.
 I have given tipsalertstrivia wherever necessary.

The next day we set to explore Jaipur's famous sites. Thanks to WikiTravel I had researched it thorougly, I had my list of spots I thought were important to see. Checked with our driver, he agreed and we set out at 9am.
* There is a one,two day pass for viewing the city. A good idea initiated by the government there. We took the composite pass, which includes 5major destinations to see. It becomes cheaper & faster this way instead of shelling out entry fee for each spot along with waiting in queues which are very long.

Panch batti
 One of the lamp posts in the city known as Panch batti not just coz it has 5lamps.
 Our driver told us that the Queen didnt have a brother so she made one of the trusted ministers her muh-bola or namesake brother. She wanted to build a small haveli for the brother, but he in turn had 3more brothers. So to avoid the other brothers getting angry she built identical 4 havelis in this city square & erected this lampost. Hence its called Panch Batti :)

Statue Circle
 This is the center of Pink City. The statue is of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the founder of the city. Read more here.

Our first spot: Birla Temple.
Birla Temple, Jaipur, India

The Birla Temple, our first stop for the day. The entire temple and its surrounding structures are made of white marble. Stunned at seeing the amount of marble used & the intricate carvings on each inch of it. The temple hosts the Laxmi-Narayan life sized idols. A calm, beautiful place. No photography, noise  allowed inside, so took all the shots from outside.

2nd stop: Albert Hall Museum
The foundation stone of Albert Hall was laid during the visit of the Prince of Wales, Albert Edward to Jaipur in 1876. It boasts of Indo-Saracenic architecture.
In 1880 Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh II approved a suggestion by Dr. Thomas Holbein Hendley, Resident Surgeon (whose interests extended beyond his medical responsibilities) to open a museum of Industrial Arts to display products of local craftsmen.
Thus, Albert Hall became a centre for imparting knowledge of history of civilizations, inspiring artisans to improve their skills, and preserving & developing traditional Indian arts, crafts, architectural forms and not least as Hendlay said to amuse and instruct the common people”.
Confronting the gates of the city by 1890 there stood the museum, the zoo and the Mayo Hospital in a public park representing the dream of the former Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh which was realized by his successor Sawai Madho Singh which showed the new face of a Jaipur moving into the modern age.
Read here

Albert Hall Museum.. beautiful like a place
Different types of artifacts from around India
A decorative hukkah
An egyptian mummy
Porcelain vases

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