Thinking out of the box

Hii wassup ppl..!!

 Well a  few days back my building was under-renovation.The terrace ceiling had to be repaired, so they broke down the whole of it and  replaced it by cement roof sheets.

As they broke down the  huge ceiling (with lot of noise and commotion ..never mind!!)the open to the sky square-part became although more beautiful and mesmerising .It made the terrace more bright and cheerful which earlier was a dull and dark. As I couldn't resist myself for a picture  I clicked a picture in a hurry and continued my daily schedule.But the next day or so while travelling ,I happened to open my gallery and I found this .The perspective of looking at this picture became although more different which made me rethink and I made changes to my life too and my life seems really great and enjoyable!!

As it was with the terrace-ceiling same is with our life.We never open the lids of our life's boxes and explore the world.We never go out of our way and do something for bring smiles to their faces!!We challenge ourself to show the world we are good at other things apart from the ones we are already struggling with.!!

We sit in those dark corners and crib about things that are not working according to our wish!! So instead GET UP AND MOVE ON!!Even if you face a defeat..stand still ,have faith and continue your work!!Someday the seeds of your hardship may grow into a beautiful fruit that you will cherish a long way!!...

Thinking out of the box!!

So next when you get an opportunity to go out the box and do something different ..please go ahead and try you may not know what's hidden for you !!

So have a super-fantabulous day ahead !!
 Keep your life rocking!!


  1. Wow Ashu! Super post. You are great competition for your sis ;)


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