Food: China Bistro, Shivaji Park.

Good day people !
  The Weekend is here and along with it the Republic day too. Me and my collegue friend decided to have lunch out today, Friday. At Shivaji Park, opposite Sena Bhavan there used to be a restaurant called Chandragupt. It recently was replaced by China Bistro. My family have visited the same outlet in Thane & we love the place. I love it for the decor, the music they play, good service and obviously the food.

So when this came up so near office, I have been marketing it to all the foodies in my office. Today decided to give it a try.

As the Thane outlet, this one has a great decor too.

The entrance is magnificent with huge Japanese saint and soldier statues.

 They have divided the entire huge space into small section with cubicle like partitions.

A well stocked bar. No use for me, except for the mocktails. I love the Virgin Mojito they serve at Thane outlet. This outlet made a smaller and ok-ok version of it.

The tables behind the entrance.

Another section, would be great for large party groups

Loved this small corner table facing the outside corridor

Loved these hanging lamps everywhere. At night they will look gorgeous, I am sure

The food at last.
We ordered the usually tried & tasted options at Thane.
I ordered the Virgin Mojito obviously, I am hooked to it now.
They also serve Jasmine tea complimentary. We asked them to serve us a cup coz my friend had a bad cold. The soup was China Bistro Hot pot, it was good!
The starter was Crispy corn chilli, good again.
We were not sure if we would go for main course, so we ordered Fortune rice. Didn't experiment with the sauce, ordered Sichuan sauce.

The bill came around 1250Rs. It was good according to the food.

The out-door sitting space. Must be lovely in the evening.

More information about this place
Name : China Bistro
Location : Shivaji Park, Dadar
Phone No : +912224440999, +91222444 6405 / 6406
Cuisine :  Authentic Chinese
Menu :
Image :

People around Dadar, a must try place.

Let us know your experience too.
Bye. Tc. Have a great weekend.
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