Incident: Give food to the needy

Greetings of the Season to everyone!

This time of year, everyone feels glad, hopeful, kind, helpful,... in short all things good.
Watching lot of Kindness, pay it forward, Xmas feeling,... videos these days. They all tug at your heart & make you teary. Make you think & want to do something good too.

Image from Mumbai Mirror

So yesterday got down at Sion, to get some work done. After that was proceeding towards my bus stop. Passed a guy selling fruits. There was a girl-don't feel like calling her a beggar, but she was poorly dressed, had some balloons in her hand must have been trying to sell at the traffic signal. She was begging the fruit seller to give her a fruit. I passed by after watching her plead repeatedly & the seller shooing her away.

I know there are these entire families around Sion, who send their kids to pester travelers for money. I always give them food. Sometimes it might be something from my tiffin which I haven't been able to finish but is not tasted. If I leave without doing something about it, it torments me for days. So now my habit is to take action according to my capacity.

Yesterday I didn't have any. I passed by, I kept looking back for my bus & unconsciously looking for the girl. She was still there with the sad look on her face. After going few minutes ahead, I retraced my steps. There was a lady selling bananas. Bought half a dozen bananas for Rs.15, gave it to the girl. Told her to stop pestering the fruit seller, go home & give these to her mother. She and the fruit seller just looked on. Didn't want to lecture the fruit seller, cause he was trying to do business and these children must be a daily thing for him.He had fruits like apple, strawberry, watermelons,.. which are anyways costly.  He didn't look the mean types and must be giving these kids the bad fruits whenever he could. But from experience know these people and kids are very persistent and arrogant when they notice you softening.

At least I could sleep peacefully yesterday. Hope the girl and her family did too. Hope she gets a good education. Leads a better life.

Dont know how these small deeds will help but would do them instead repent not doing anything about it.
One deed at a time !
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Have a great week ahead !
Happ New Year !
Bye. Tc


The need to be of help is awakening quite deeply within you, I can see. Keep up the great work. All those little drops only make the mighty ocean. :)
adite said…
Inspiring thought, Sundari. And every little deed, no matter how small, counts. Happy New Year!
NAV said…
Thank you Sundari & Adite. Im glad I can be of some help. Yep, one deed at a time will make a change, that thought is making me do it too.
Hi Adite,
Nice to see you here on this blog. Nilima is a great friend of mine since many years. She's a very warm person and also very observant. You will like her articles here. Do check them out :)