Incident: Chain snatching

Good day ppl!

Upsetting end to the day. Today during an afternoon walk at Matunga west had seen a big banner announcing Women pedestrians to walk on foothpaths for their safety and avoid chain snatching incidents. I was like WTH women cant walk on streets now!

Now evening 7pm got out of my office in Mahim, a bike with 2guys at break neck speed whizzed past. Few steps ahead a small group was forming around a lady. She was giving the choisest sanskrit words when someone suggested she report her chain being snatched to the police. Her neck was bleeding, was fumbling while walking along with fumming. Thankfully she had younger woman for company so I walked on towards my bus stop 2mins away.

On reaching it I saw a mobile police van parked a little ahead. I fast walked to it, informed them about the incident. They quickly took out a notebook asking me to give the bike number and description of the boys. I didnt have any, just wanted to do something about the whole incident. Mixed feelings, good plus disappointed couldnt be of help.

What would you do? How to stop such incidents?

Think about it and let us know.


Ask God to protect you & your jewellery. No other way to it