Festival: Divyachi Amavasya 2013

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Writing a post after a long time. This is about the last day of Aashad month.
The next day being the start of Shravan, this day is more popularly known as Gatari Amavasya.
Its called Aashad Amavasya or Divyachi Amavasya.
Diva means Deep or Lamp. Amavasya means No Moon Day.

All the lamps in our house.
I am writing a post about this day because of the unique way it is celebrated. On this day, all the lamps in the house are cleaned and decorated. In Indian festivals, lamps play a major role & a variety of them are used on each occassion. To give them rest and worship them, this day is specially chosen. My mother-in-law does this every year. Also she is an avid collector of lamps, so there were a range of lamps to clean & decorate.

It is also believed that Deepa Puja provides them Asta Aishwarayas (8 types of wealth).
They clean and sanctify a 'Chourang' ie a table with decoration and  rangoli (kolam) designs around it. All the deepas are placed on the table and decorated to perform pooja. Lamps made in the shape of 'panti' from flour are lit instead to perform pooja.

Check the photos below of the pooja we performed.

This lamp is like a weighing scale with a lamp dangling on each corner.

Alladin lamp. My mother-in-law's special find, a genie may pop out soon ;)

Panch aarti or flower shaped lamp.

This lamp has special storage for oil in the bowl above. So oil is regularly supplied to the lamp.

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