Good Day - Habits

Hi Good day ppl !
 Today morning this sight of fresh, perky flowers greeted me. Made my day ! :)

It feels good to be doing something different which has been difficult for you since a long time.

For me, its getting up early & getting ready for work. I would love to add exercise, walk on the lawn, meditate, make breakfast, read the newspaper,... etc to my morning schedule as a habit. I have tried it, it can be done but at the cost of being insanely late plus tired even before you get out of the house.

So after reading a lot of blog posts on habits, trying permutations and combinations with myself. I am working on sticking to one habit at a time. Read more on Habits, making them stick, working with them till you make the transition at Zenhabits.

A friend used to everyday send me Good Morning mails. I have posted a lot of them on this blog. Check all Good Morning Quotes posts.

This old mail also says the same thing.

Habit is stronger than reason.

So push yourself a little more. Reward yourself. Soon you will make it a Habit :)

Have a great weekend. Bye. Tc.