Incident 4-Your take on this?

Hi Good day ppl !
  These days the papers, media is filled with negative news, which makes one question: Is Humanity dead forever?
  Like in the previous posts on the Incident- Your take on this? series, here is another real life incident which makes me rethink the above question.
    My father-in-law one morning had given his car for servicing so took an auto-rickshaw. While getting off, he received a call from my husband, as a result he kept the phone on the seat, paid the driver & got out. After taking 2 steps he realised he had forgotten the phone in the auto. He quickly went to his office, called his own cell phone but it said-Switched off. He tried multiple times in the next hour after which he went to his service provider and blocked his Sim card. He had thought the driver to be a decent guy and would come back with the cell. Till evening there was no contact from the driver or any sign of the cell phone.
  Then at night my husband received a call from a young guy saying he was the son of the auto driver and had found the cell phone while cleaning the auto-rickshaw since it had got stuck in between the seat. His father didnt understand how to operate the cell phone since it is a touch screen, so he had checked the call list, found last call from my husband and called to inform He told us the address where he lived so we could next morning pick it up.
  The next morning me, my husband and father-in-law went to the given address, a guy of college going age came to us and handed the cell. He said his friend had the earlier week lost his cell phone and was taking great efforts to get back all the data he had lost. He imagined this would be the case with my father-in-law too, so to do something about it he had immediately called us.
  He didnt want any reward in return. So we gave him our card, number and asked him to call us if he needed any help. He was very happy he could be of help to us and we were glad to get our cell phone back intact.

So I would conclude that Humanity exists and is a personal choice now-a-days. We should see what we can do in such situations to make a change.

Whats your take on this?
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