Video: Life Vest inside and A few minutes of Perfection

Hi Good day !
  How was your Monday? Torture or great start of the week ? :)

Watch these beautiful videos to make your Day & the week ahead better.
The videos make you feel lighter at heart, full of hope and want to go out and do atleast one good deed right mow, like the people in these videos. Just Do It Now, I say :)
Life Vest inside.
Because kindness keeps the world afloat.

If you have some more such Videos, please share the links with us.

Life Vest Inside: One Day.
Motto: Because kindness keeps the world afloat.

A few minutes of Perfection !
Loved the background song: If you gotta a little love, then give a little love...

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Have a great, kindness filled week ahead :)

Bye. Tc


  1. Thanks.

    The firs one is similar to this video with music of Noah and the Whale, "Give a Little Love":


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