Video: I'd rather be in charge, Charlotte Beers at Tedx Women 2012

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A colleague friend shared this video from Tedx Women 2012.
It has a collection of some wonderful,inspiring women.

This video, I have tried to embed here is about Charlotte Beers.
She recently authored her book: I'd rather be in Charge. Know more here.

Charlotte Beers (born July 26, 1935 in Beaumont, Texas) is an American businesswoman and former Under Secretary of State.She began her career as an account executive at J. Walter Thompson Advertising, becoming its first female Senior Vice President. She next served as CEO at Tatham-Laird & Kudner, followed by five years as Chairman/CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide.In 1997, Fortune Magazine placed her on the cover of their first issue to feature the most powerful women in America.

Charlotte serves on the Board of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and conducts seminars throughout Europe and the United States called “The X Factor,” “X” representing the potential of women to lead. The workshops have given women the tools to take charge, find pride and power at work, and to learn to never miss a moment to lead in the many industries they represent.

Direct link to the Video:

I have tried to summarize the points she makes:

Points of Communication:
Personal Clarity

Women think its about the Work.They think we are the WORK, let the work speak for us.
We house fearlessness & fear in us.
Women carry Family influences like luggage on our back.
Delivery system depicts who you are & how you delivery.

Keep a journal, watch yourself, how you behave, know what to discard, amend, improve.
Find your own traits,one which is genetic, one which is priceless which is unique is your true trait.

Who you are, what you stand,what you can count on for, that defines your Personal clarity.
Use your life at work to define & expand  you.

Memorability=Agreement to master the art of Communication. Golden rule-its not what you say, its what they hear.
You should become extremely careful of your receiver-you know them, you respect them if you don't like them. Understand that your looking for a certain response instead of worrying about what to say, worry about the kind of response you want. Edit, eliminate the unnecessary, women have the habit of going on and on. Deliver the powerful punch with power.

Persuasion -You should be prepared sometimes to step out of the team & say I believe. If you are convinced,committed & show unlikely passion , thats when people will understand that you really believe  & are committed to it.

If you want to make a change, if u want to offer something new,if you want to step out & hope people will agree & sign on, you have to practice and master these steps.

Loved the way she supports her theory with real life experiences.

There are lot many more inspiring speakers in this show. Check here.

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I feel like a woman activist now :)

 Have a great week ahead ! Communicate with clarity, memorability, persuasiveness ! :) 

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