Technology-GIndia 2012 Mumbai 12 September 2012

Hi Good day ppl !
  Technology Day yesterday 12th September 2012 at Google India Event. I got an invite few weeks ago, I registered for it & forwarded to as many techie friends I could remember.

 It was a 2day event in Mumbai. It was being hosted in 5major cities of India for the first time.
Check the website :

GIndia 2012, Mumbai 12 September 2012
GIndia 2012, Mumbai ! The first time ever in India & that too at Mumbai, Google event. At Bombay Exhibition Center, Goregaon. 
This big Google logo & colourful auto rickshaws were the theme at each of the 5city venues. Cute aren't they ;)

GIndia 2012, Mumbai 12 September 2012
Sunil Rao, Country Head of Google India started the day with Keynote speech.

GIndia 2012, Mumbai 12 September 2012
This 17year old developed the Delhi Metro Navigator App, within 48 hours it was No.1 on app stores.
This young guy gave some nice points about developing an App & what not to do. His mistake he said-GUI means a lot than content !

GIndia 2012, Mumbai 12 September 2012
Sunil Rao summarised his Keynot speech with these 6points !

Live Entertainment Bollywood Style ! Robinhood Pandey & SRK !
The 2stars debated who is the No1 star & the secret to their Success is Jelly Beans, the favourite candy of Googlers ;) 

Jelly Beans ! 

The Chill out Zone had such fun games to chill out with.

Kreeda ! These games were played by our ancestors to keep the brain sharp & while away time.

The day was spread out with Technology talks with 4parallel tracks at 1time. Choose which one you like.

Serious stuff starts ! This track was on-Whats new on Android ?

I found this more interesting-Google Maps API overview !
There was awesome lunch, unfortunately I dont have any pics to show. The Gulab jamuns were hot & yumm  ;)

Google your career-Opportunities at Google.

Magic of HTML5

Serious stuff over, we take a tea/coffe break & wait for Panel discussion.

This was a fun counting game !

Participants from audience were invited who could speak language other than English. They each had to count till 20 with 1number in English & the next in their preferred language, so alternately till 20 without mistake, pauses, mumbling. The Kannada speaking guy won & got a Mug + Gift voucher of Shoppers Stop :)

Panel Discussion with Internet Industries some top heads like : VServ, RelianceDigital, Qickr, OrangeScape,..
Topic of Discussion-Product Development Challenges.
The points which I liked from the discussion:
-Dont become an Entreprenuer just because you hate your job, boss, salary,...
-Entreprenuers few years ago were Beggars with Shirts, Today they are Beggars in suits. ;)

Sunil Rao summaries the entire day & gives his thanks for joining GDay 2012, Mumbai

GIndia 2012, Mumbai 12 September 2012
The people & teams which have been working tirelessly for 4months to make each of the events a big success. Good Job Guys !

GIndia 2012, Mumbai 12 September 2012
End of the Day with some Mumbai Style. Dhool-tashe style :)

I dont want to get you all jealous, but a lot of mugs, freebies & of course jelly beans were distributed ! ;)
For those who didnt attend, each of us got a GIndia Tshirt, yipeee !

Looking forward to GIndia 2013 !
Also there is Barcamp Mumbai 10 happening in October 2012, check here
Read about Barcamp Mumbai 5

Truly a Technology day comes to an End.


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