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Hi Good day ppl !

Whose Chamcha are you? ;)

Here are a few pics from Crawford market. The whole sale market for a lot of commodities. These are shots from last month at Bhandi bazar or utensils bazar. Here you can get utensils of all sizes,variety,shape,lowest to highest cost & in bulk quantity too. Shopping here is cheaper coz of whole sale rate, but you need to know how,where & how much to bargain for.

Reach early to shop properly, coz this area is extensive. Parking is a problem since there are very small lanes. So using public transport or cabs is the best idea.

So many small,stout teapots. If only they had chai in them :D

All Gods here.

The crawford market is also famous for clothes, cloth, embroidery, confectionery, ... lot of stuff.

Visit it once to get a feel of town side shopping :)

Bye. Tc.Have a great week ahead !


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