Thought: Build upon what you build

Greetings PPL!
Re-Read another mail which gives these beautiful, motivational thoughts to mull about.
This suits my motto-Give your 100% to what you do, else dont do it.

Build upon what you build

You may not think you have what it takes to persist in your efforts for long periods of time. Yet all you must do is persist for just a moment, and then another moment, and then another.

The energy necessary for achievement is never going to be fully available to you when you begin. But go ahead and begin, and that energy comes to you as you require it.

Do not be dismayed at how long the journey will take. Instead, be thankful and enthusiastic about the one particular step you can take right now.

Success creates its own capacity for fulfillment as it moves along. Your job is to keep moving it along.

Give your best to the task at hand. That will prepare you and equip you for the next task, and the next.

Build what you can with what you have, and then build upon what you build. In this simple, steady, accessible way, whatever you envision is within your reach.

-- Ralph Marston

Go with the flow, go one step at a time & soon you will have accomplished it :)

Enjoy the week ppl! :)

Bye. tc.