Festival: Christmas 2010

Hi Good day & Merry Christmas everyone!
Its Christmas Eve & everything seems to be in celebration mood.

We created some beautiful features on our website. These are kids-oriented, but they are fun to use for all ages.
We have:

In our office we had a lovely choir group & Santa claus singing carols. There was a band who entertained in the evening along with snacks.

There are cribs being made. This pic is from 2008 from our School compound.

Have been reading interesting stories about Christmas, the Christmas trees.
Christmas tale: the pine tree in St. Martin
Read this beautiful short story about Christmas tree on Paulo Coelho's blog. Read it here .

The Perfect Tree By Debra W. Higley

Finally, that dreaded day had arrived, to go out and drive from tree lot to tree lot to pick out the perfect Christmas tree. So finally, with my unwillingness, I set out in my car to find the Christmas tree. While sitting in my car I watched the people as they darted in and out, as they poked and tipped each tree to find the right one. I began to wonder if the trees had a story to tell and what their stories would be like. I got out of my car and began to walk around, not realizing that I wasn't looking for that perfect tree.

I suddenly noticed a man in front of me; he was kicking at a branch on a tree
while laughing out loud. I stopped to listen to what he had to say, "Look at this tree! It is only good enough for firewood." I looked at the tree and said in a soft voice, "But did you ever stop to think that maybe that branch was there for a reason. Maybe the branch sticks out farther than the rest so a bird could rest upon it after a long flight, or maybe it stretches out for the birds to make a nest upon it for them to raise their families." Then slowly he turned toward me, and I began to notice the small tears forming in his eyes. He smiled and said, "You know you are right, it is the perfect Christmas tree. Wouldn't it be
so grand to see my daughter's smile as she ran to the tree, Christmas morning to see her new doll from Santa nestled so snug on this wonderful branch." I smiled and went on my way.

I then saw a mother with her children looking at a tree. They too were laughing and joking at the strange little tree. I stopped and reached out and touched a branch on it. Then said with my soft voice, "What is so funny about this little tree?". One of the boys replied, with a laugh, "It has two trees wrapped around each other." I looked over at his mother and replied, "Did you ever think that maybe one of the trees was so small and delicate, that the other tree knew that if he was to live and grow strong, he would have to help hold his brother up." The little boys just stood and looked at the tree. Their mother
then turned to me with tears running down her cheeks and said, "This tree is so strong and beautiful, it is just like my sons, for where one goes the other follows. When one falls down the other is there to pick him up." So she reached over and handed the sales boy the money for the tree, and asked him to take it over to the trunk of their car.

So during this Christmas holiday, when we are putting the lights and ornaments on our trees, think about all of the stories that this tree may have to hold. For they are all perfect in natures eyes.

So Enjoy this festive season.
Merry Christmas to all of you :)

Bye. tc


  1. Merry Christmas!
    That was a beautiful story. Never read it before. Thank you for the post. :)

  2. Good One ...:)

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