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Greetings ppl!
RIP Nelson Mandela.
Here is an old post, I am republishing again which has his quotes.

Watch the 3min clips too.

When I need inspiration one way I look is at my mailbox to see if SimpleTruths has sent me some good Newsletters,Video clips,Short stories,...
Got 2mails for 3min movie clips about Quotes.

1) Finding joy, Simple Secrets to a Hapy Life -- Watch it here

2) Great Quotes from Great Leaders--Watch it here

I did print screens for many of the quotes I loved most from these 2clips. Check them & get Charged up :D

So dont scared if your boat starts rocking a bit, its aligning itself in the right direction. :)

Just Do IT!

Be Alert, Accept, do whats right, listen to your heart,... do all the things which make you feel good :)

Wow, thats a relief. Just think if you were expected to do lot of things from future all at once ???? Thank god! ;)

Open up your heart, Smile, Thank, bless, help,care.. all of this MORE

Oh this one fits my attitude perfectly. George Washington, you have helped me spell my way of creating connections.

Another Chance!

Nelson Mandela-His smile proves his quote :)

Do the right & best thing at that moment. Thats my quote-TM

So you may seem too ambitious for your age, but hell who care ;)

Lovely quotes. Check the site: SimpleTruths for more such inspirational stuff.
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bye. tc


  1. hey ur followers have grown.karwaan bana rahahain...
    all willing to make their life more simple...... more happy.
    am proud i was one of the initial few to join u....
    takecare regards

  2. Hi Good day Prashant!
    Yes followers have increased & you were among the initial ones. Thank you for joining in, though I dont know you.You seem to have come back after a long time. Keep checking the blog & adding your comments. You too have a blog, keep blogging.
    Hope to be of help to all our reader friends here.
    All d best.
    bye. tc


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