Engineering: KJ Somaiya Abhiyantriki 2010

Hi good day ppl !
Today Saturday 16th Oct 2010 accompanied my friend to K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering. She was invited to cover the Techfest the Engineering college was hosting. We both being with the Press decided to attend it.

The event is called "Abhiyantriki". This year the theme was The Green Dream. No robotics or fancy stuff. They organised 41 events based on this theme making use of recycled things & the knowledge they gain in Engineering years.

Law of Gravity: Marble Marvel. Here 4people are given this maze through which you have to guide the ball, crossing obstacles, dodging manholes,... Team work & knowing the law of gravity is all you need in this.

Contrivance: Art of Contraption. This was the main event. My friend starts the process for a re-run.

It included a complex, strategically planned actions which lead to final completion of task. Like here the ball moves along specially designed path. The students used things which were left as waste in their fitting,carpentary,welding,... labs. So everything was recycled.

The final goal was raising the curtain for the Techfest using this contraption.

Newton's 2nd Law: Bowling. We were given a set of rules similar to bowling. But the way the students explained actually made you realize how Newton's 2nd Law applies here.

Crusher: The students were given spare, used, waste materials and asked to create Crusher. So using waste create a machine which will help recycle waste.

Mega structures: A team was given candy sticks and asked to create structures(bridges) which can carry maximum weight & should follow the principle of Thrust. The first bridge from left in this pic can carry weight of 30kgs. Amazing! Good work guys! :)

Top view of the Contrivance performing another re-run.

Next day Sunday 17th Oct 2010, being Dushera the professors were busy perfoming pooja of all the equipment. This is the fitting lab.

We are the next generation & we can make a difference.

It was good to go back to college & that too an Engineering one ;). Could very well relate to the energy, enthusiasm,efforts put in by the students. We were greeted, showed around, explained very well by the Team organising the event.

Thanks to my friend for inviting me in ;).

Bye. Tc. Like they say its good to go back to your roots once in a while.


  1. Good work. That was quick. Was so happy to see the pictures here. :)

  2. Nice pictures. I felt a bit lost over the text as don't have much inclination towards engineering. But loved the pic and write up about the candy stick bridges. :)

  3. Excellent... Here's the video of contraptions

  4. @Bindi,Sundari: Thanks.
    @Ashish: Thanks for the video link.


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