Women: Rule!

Hi good day everyone! :)
Tell me, Ladies specially, how does it feel:
If you are not given a task or responsibility or job or hike, since you are a female even though you deserve it.
You are told since you are married, you dont need the hike or money from the job you do?
You are working just to keep yourself busy & socialise.
Female employees are dumb, are not tech savvy, not methodical or disciplined, lazy & shrink away from work, ...

I get hell bent on proving it wrong. :)
This article from Simpletruths though long proves what Females in workplaces can be.

Dear Nilima,

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Recognition is a need we all crave; there are no exceptions. Marcy Blochowiak understands this powerful principle as much as any leader I've ever met. And most importantly...it comes from her heart.

In the time I've spent with Marcy and members of her team I could feel the love and respect they had for each other. She truly understands the power of kindness and compassion. She understands that companies don't succeed...people do.

Marcy's book, No Glass Ceiling, Just Blue Sky is a blueprint for success for any woman entrepreneur or any woman wanting to become an entrepreneur. I think you'll love it and want to share it with others!

Introduction from
No Glass Ceiling, Just Blue Sky
By Marcy Blochowiak

Women. What an extraordinary group of people! We are so good at so many things. If you want to get something done, have a woman do it. We love a challenge. We love showing people we can accomplish so much. We also care deeply about others. We just can't help ourselves. It is part of who we are. We love helping people. We love making a difference. We love laughing and being a part. We love contributing. The bottom line is...WE LOVE LIFE.

We live in a time where people of all backgrounds have a chance to build a great team in business regardless of gender. However, it's not uncommon for women to hit a glass ceiling and never see any blue sky. When I was working as a flight attendant, early in my career, you would think I saw blue sky all the time. What I saw, unfortunately, was a system that was seniority based, not performance based, and I realized my options were limited. I made a decision then and there to become an entrepreneur. In ten short years, at World Financial Group, we have built a great team of thousands around the country using the timeless principles I am going to share with you in this book.

As Peggy Anderson said,

"Great women are not considered so because of personal achievements, but for the effect their efforts have had on the lives of countless others. From daring feats of bravery to the understated ways of a compassionate heart, great women possess a common strength of character. Through their passion and persistence, they have advanced womanhood and the world."

I remember early on in my career, I was told by several people, "Don't hire any women. They have too many responsibilities. They have children and husbands and charities, etcetera. They will not be able to put in the time it takes to really make their business work."

I listened to that for a brief time and then I accidentally hired some women. I was ready for all the excuses, but I never heard any. I was also blown away by how much they could get done, and how they were performing better than everyone else in the office. I realized we had a secret weapon. You want your business to grow - HIRE MORE WOMEN!

There have been many "ceilings" in the past pertaining to women. A lot has changed in the last couple of years. Consider these facts based on reports by the U.S. Department of Labor and the Center for Women's Business Research in 2003:

  • Women-owned businesses are growing at twice the rate of all U.S. firms.
  • One in every 11 adult women owns a business.
  • Women entrepreneurs generate nearly $2.3 trillion in revenues to the U.S. economy.
  • More than 18 million workers are employed by a women business owner.

What does all this mean? WOMEN RULE!

I hope to give all the powerful ladies that read this book some insight on how to move their business forward. With a successful team and business comes freedom. With freedom comes quality of life. And, with quality of life comes the opportunity to make a difference and leave a legacy.

We are only here once and we all want to be remembered. Loved this 1 :)

1 more Woman post, cant help it ppl !

I am proud to be born a Woman & want others to be too :)

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Till then Bye. Take care & love yourself : Girls specially you all :)


  1. I agree with everything and more. A woman can MULTI-TASK, she can take RESPONSIBILITY, she can keep her COOL in any emergency, she can MANAGE. A woman can MOVE MOUNTAINS. A woman can GIVE BIRTH to a baby. What more can I say?


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